I am a senior sales with 15 years in the battery industry and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

I will be sharing some of my expertise on batteries and my insights into the battery industry in my blog, which should help you with your purchases in China.

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In the past 15 years, I have served more than 100 customers from over 40 countries. I am proud of my expertise and responsible work with customers.
And I have visited more than 10 countries to communicate with customers on-site, and assist them in finding the best sourcing solution.

I am a senior sales with 15 years in the Microcell International Battery Co., Ltd and a bachelor’s degree in economics. 

And I have served more than 100 customers from over 40 countries. I am proud of my expertise and responsible work with customers.

I hope I can give you some advice and ideas about your battery business with my BLOG.


– I like reading, outings, and doing charity things.

The university is a major in international trade. After taking a job, I studied law as a postgraduate. Since I was a child, I like mathematics, physics and chemistry.

I like traveling, climbing, running, participating in marathons and marathons in surrounding cities. I will sign up. Running gives me the most feeling that I am passionate. Every year I choose a place to travel, to feel the customs and culture of different places.I like summer weekends, no air conditioner, reading a book with one cup of tea, sweating, and reading a book. This is a state I prefer.

After entering the battery industry, I like electrochemistry very much. I like to research battery-related things. When I entered the company, I met an expert who is our special engineer and learned a lot of knowledge with him. Thank you very much for this teacher. Reading makes me more professional at work, and reading makes my mind richer. 

In 2012, we established a small foundation in the company with out colleagues. The foundation funds were only tens of thousands of yuan. Yet, when colleague encountered difficulties, he could get some help from the doundation. It feels good.

Many customers always say I am a dual personality, I am strict and serious about my work, and I will do a good job. But after the meeting, they realized that I am a very easy-going and enthusiastic person in life.

Especially my Kenyan customer, he bought our batteries for five years. Then I assisted he to build one battery factory. we provided raw materials , assigned mechanics and engineers. As an interpreter, stay in Kenya for half a month, and stayed with the customer every day during this half month. The customer later said:

You are like two people, so serious when working, but after work so easy-going.

Mogambi Mogaka

I am now very confident about my work. With over 10 years of work experience, I am very familiar with the dry cell industry and very professional in the production of dry cells.

As a salesman, I like to learn from engineers and enjoy learning about batteries, it is very useful for my job.

This starts with my Kenyan customer Mr. Mogaka. He has purchased our batteries for many years. At most, an order is 15 containers. But, in Ethiopia, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, some battery factories have appeared. Kenya’s government gives lower tariffs on the import of raw materials. My customers found that their competitiveness was getting less and less. Later, they wanted to build a battery factory by themselves. Mr. Mogamka first consulted me and asked one of my opinions. I said it was ok, but have to refer to my opinion. I analyze the raw materials and find which one is suitable for local buy, and which one must import from China.

we talk about the influence of various factors in transportation, and the temperature and humidity in Kenya.

I use my professional knowledge from every detail. Taking it into consideration, we finally found an optimal and workable plan. Mogambi lets me help him to buy production lines, and find mechanics and engineers. from o to produce the good batteries within 1 year. Mr. Mogaka is very grateful to me, and I am also very grateful to him. Together with Mr. Mogaka, I took part in the whole process.

 I like the subject of electrochemistry. when I entered the battery industry, I found myself enjoying it. I like to follow the engineers to study the raw materials, production process, etc.

Our company has always attached great importance to quality, coupled with my professional knowledge, so that customers can be assured of quality….

My major is international trade, I am very happy to engage in the same work as the professional. With the understanding of the rules of international trade, the mastery of the whole process, I can often find the best way for customers to purchase.

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