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Our parent company is a leading battery manufacturer in China and has been around since 1999. To expand the overseas market, we set up an independent international trade department – Microcell International Battery Co., Ltd.(since 2004). Our batteries are used worldwide for various applications, including Medical, Industrial, Infrastructure and Life Safety. 

As a battery manufacturer, it specialized in producing Alkaline & Zinc-Carbon batteries and we have a dedicated multifunctional team to support OEM Service. Also, we have a quantity of co-branding, such as SAMSUNG,  Kimberly, Farnell, 4mod, and so on. We are the Supplier of more than 150 OEM brands & the Manufacturer of more than 40 distributors around the world.

We focus on developing cutting-edge battery products and energy solutions to meet your needs. We promise:


We have the latest professional Fully-Automatic battery production lines that can control quality stringently. We ensure a high standard for all of our batteries and can be reliable.


We have a B2B-dedicated multifunctional team with deep technical expertise and unique designs for hot products in over 40 countries. We can give you the hottest packaging styles and label designs for free on your local market.


Customer-centric business approach. The dedicated team of professionals can help you save your time from enquiry to delivery since we have a one-stop solution service. We regularly exceed your expectations.



It has been steadily developing since 1999 and up to now its annual output of batteries reaches more than 400 millions piece such R6P, R03P, R14P, R20P, LR03, LR6, LR14, LR20, 6LR61 etc., 90% of them are for export, mainly to Europe, American, East Asia and developed countries.

  • Treatment of workers
  • Safety Training
  • Corporate Culture Act

Production Lines:

Treatment & Safety Training:

Corporate Culture Act:


We have a quantity of co-branding, such as SAMSUNG,  Kimberly, Farnell, 4mod and so on .

  • Gold Supplier of SAMSUNG
  • Supplier of more than 150 OEM brand 
  • Manufacturer of more than 40 distributors

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