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Alkaline button battery knowledge base

alkaline button battery. 2

#1-What kind of battery is an alkaline button battery? Which models are included?

the internal structure diagram 1 1

Alkaline button batteries are small primary batteries that use manganese dioxide for the positive electrode, zinc for the negative electrode, and alkaline aqueous solution for the electrolyte. It is cost-effective and widely used in toys and medical appliances. To protect the environment, the mercury usage rate is 0%. The voltage of the alkaline button battery is 1.5V. The voltage is the same as that of the alkaline cylindrical battery and the carbon cylindrical battery. This is mainly due to the same positive and negative materials, and the electromotive force difference between the positive and negative materials. Formed by the same.

Alkaline button batteries include: AG0, AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5, AG6, AG7, AG8, AG9, AG10, AG11, AG12 and AG13.

#2- Corresponding size, voltage, and capacity of each model of alkaline button battery.

are ag13 and lr44 batteries the same battery

Button batteries have different names, the corresponding sizes are also slightly different, and the capacity is also different. See the table below, the size is listed in detail, this will provide us with the necessary reference and help to buy the battery.

Model System NominalVoltage NominalCapacity Dimension WeightApprox Cross Reference
    (V) (mAh) ф×H(mm) (g) E.U. U.S.ASWITZERLAND GERMANY Japan
AG0 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 10 13 ф5.8×2.1 0.28 L521 379 V379 LR50
AG1 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 13 16 ф6.8×2.1 0.34 L621 364 V364 LR60
AG2 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 26 30 ф7.9×2.6 0.50 L726 397 V397 LR59
AG3 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 40 50 ф7.9×3.6 0.70 L736 384 V384 LR41
AG4 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 19 22 ф6.8×2.6 0.40 L626 377 V377 LR66
AG5 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 60 70 ф7.9×5.4 1.00 L754 393 V393 LR48
AG6 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 30 40 ф9.5×2.1 0.60 L921 371 V371 LR69
AG7 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 40 50 ф9.5 ×2.6 0.75 L926 395 V395 LR57
AG8 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 45 55 ф11.6×2.1 0.90 L1121 381 V381 LR55
AG9 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 45 55 ф9.5×3.6 1.00 L936 394 V394 LR45
AG10 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 70 90 ф11.6×3.1 1.10 L1130 390 V390 LR54
AG11 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 17 20 ф7.9×2.1 0.40 L721 362 V362 LR58
AG12 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 100 115 ф11.6×4.2 1.60 L1142 301 V301 LR43
AG13 0%Hg Alkaline 1.5 150 175 ф11.6×5.4 2.00 L1154 303 V303 LR44

#3-The internal structure diagram and chemical reaction principle diagram of the alkaline button battery are as follows?

alkaline button battery
anode reaction

#4-Are Ag13 and LR44 batteries the same battery?

which devices are alkaline button batteries mainly used in and how to put it in

AG13 and LR44 are the same battery, just two different names. See the dimension drawing of LR44 below. Other types of alkaline button batteries have similar dimensions.

#5- Is there a replaceable battery?

will alkaline button batteries leak and explode

There is another battery that has the same size as the alkaline button battery, which is the silver oxide battery. But they are not completely equivalent or direct substitutes, because they are composed of different chemical components and provide different performance for different applications. Such as SR44, SR44SW and 357 silver oxide batteries. Although these batteries are exactly the same size as LR44 batteries, the silver oxide chemistry has very low power consumption, allowing the battery to work for long periods of time in low usage applications such as watches.


#6-Which devices are alkaline button batteries mainly used in? And how to put it in?

medical equipment

Medical equipment, electronic thermometers, anti-theft alarms, toys, digital calipers.

First identify the positive and negative ends of the battery. the flat side is the positive side. On the opposite side, it is typically the negative end. Please pay attention that some devices have small metallic tabs for battery retention and function. Please leave these tabs undamaged as doing so may compromise the performance of your device. If you do slightly move this tab out of place, they can usually be fixed by carefully readjusting them back into the proper orientation.

#7-Will alkaline button batteries leak and explode?

button batteries leak

It may leak or explode. The button battery is very small and has a metal shell, so it is easy to short-circuit. Because they cannot be put together in a mess, a single package is required to avoid external short circuits. Secondly, put it in the electrical appliance, and take it out in time when it is found to be out of power to avoid over-discharge.

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