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Batteries Manufacturers in Pakistan

daewoo battery.

There are very few manufacturers of disposable dry batteries in Pakistan, most of which are rechargeable battery manufacturers, mainly lead-acid batteries. disposable dry batteries manufacturers are mainly in China.

Pakistan is successfully growing in the battery industry as manufacturing is locally done with high quality and performance. Consumers are satisfied with the features, availability, performance, longer life, and warranty of available batteries in Pakistan, either on stores or online.

The Well-known batteries manufacturers in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Daewoo Battery.  
  • Exide Battery.  
  • Homage Battery.
  • Bridge Power Battery.
  • Phoenix Battery.
  • Tubular Battery.
  • Fujika Battery.
  • Osaka Battery

#1- Daewoo Battery

exide battery

Daewoo batteries belongs to Daewoo Deep Cycle Technology batteries , they are specially designed for UPS and Solar Systems. Deep discharge rate of our Deep Cycle Technology batteries gives you the longest backup time and lasts longer than ordinary batteries. These specialized batteries come with 1 year Free Replacement warranty,

100% Maintenance-free battery offers supreme convenience with extraordinary spill proof feature on-board because of its double seal. It completely eliminates the hassle of checking and re-filling electrolyte throughout its lifetime. Highest CCA provides fastest engine startup even in extreme cold weather conditions. Its ready to use as it comes pre-charged so there is no wait time for charging at the time of installation best for UPS/Solar Systems in homes, offices and industries.

Website is 

#2-Exide Battery

homage battery. 1

EXIDE Pakistan Limited, was incorporated in 1953 as a private limited company in association with Chloride Group Plc of United Kingdom.

Chloride had its associates in 35 countries of the world and was supported by chloride Technical.

EXIDE ultimately got listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, now known as  Pakistan Stock Exchange in 1982 and received the top 25 Companies Award 8 times till date. Sound professional management was also recognized by the Management Association of Pakistan who awarded Corporate Excellence Award three times.

The Company believes in customer satisfaction through continuous uniform quality and after sales services providing a wide range of products for various applications.

To remain leader in automotive battery industry by supplying quality product to the customers at affordable price and to satisfy their needs by providing reliable products as per international standard and best suited to local environment.

Continuous improvement in workmanship, process, productivity and elimination of wastage by effective implementation of total quality control.

Its website is 

#3- Homage Battery

bridge power battery. 2

Homage Battery was established in 2007, Homage is now a leading brand in power and home appliances industry of Pakistan. Homage is now a name synonymous with strength, quality and performance which is why the brand pays Tribute to Good Living.

With over 13 years of service, Homage has not only expanded its product line in Pakistan’s Power and Home appliances category but it also has 24 official service centers spreading all across the country. Homage power appliances include Solar panels, Generators, Inverters, Gel and AGM Battery while Microwave ovens and Water Dispensers fall in Home appliances category of the brand.

Building on to the trust of customers and consumers, Homage products are available all across Pakistan through our wide dealer network, major modern trade outlets & e-commerce portals. The brand aspires to provide long term solution towards an improved living carrying along the dedicated management and its vision.

The growth and success of Homage power solutions is testimony in itself that the brand is serving the nation by providing self sustaining eco friendly electricity through its solar package. Homage appliances are designed with the latest technology in which the safety and security features are on top for the users.

With a vision to meet the horizons, today, Homage is expanding in terms of innovations and technology. The ultimate objective of the brand is to continue serving the customers with healthy living, eco friendly appliances and offering perfect blend of after sales service to the customers.

Its website is

#4-Bridge Power Batteries

phoenix battery

Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering is the Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of car starter batteries heaving One year warrenty. To keep things this way, we focus on one clear objective: to keep making the best better. In addition to state-of-the-art development and production systems, Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd. relies on innovative technology centers, which are consistently working to optimize the design and performance of the products.

Pursuant to the applicable environmental laws and regulations in Pakistan, It has installed various equipment at all of our production facilities for the removal of lead dust and particles generated during our production process and to minimize the amount of pollutants in the air. The equipment includes ventilation systems, dust absorbing and removing systems, acidic mist and lead fumes purifying machines and fresh air pipelines.

Its website is

#5- Phoenix Batteries

tubular battery. 1

PHOENIX batteries now have been developed and recognized one of the superior and quality symbol in Pakistan and Specially in organized sector and PHOENIX has also become a prominent feature in OEM’s and institutions as well.

Annually more than 0.5 million batteries are produced and reached customers in Pakistan through Company owned and 8 registered offices throughout Pakistan.

Its website is

#6- Discover Battery

fujika battery. 1

Discover Battery leads the industry in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leading-edge battery technologies to the transportation, motive power, and energy storage industries. Our global distribution centres are capable of shipping our products anywhere our customers need. We operate multiple manufacturing facilities that produce batteries for a range of applications, including renewable energy, commercial, telecom systems, mobility, and UPS/emergency lighting. With over 70-years of experience, we are leading the global power shift for a cleaner energy future.

Its website is

#7- Fujika Battery

osaka battery

Fujika battery is a very famous battery brand in Pakistan. Fujika Battery is the largest brand of batteries known now, therefor it available in all countries. This is a big question about the batteries, we give you all tips about to increase the life time of a battery. You can get the warranty with new battery and replace free during its warranty. The life time of a battery also increase by some simple methods, we give you complete information that How to increase the life time of the battery in this page.

#8-Osaka Battery


 Osaka battery is Pakistan’s largest battery manufacturer, successfully achieving the targets for new products and creating a record for its best quality in the history of the automotive battery industry of Pakistan. It is an ISO 9001 & ISO certified company producing various automotive and inverter batteries for 19 years. Osaka batteries are also available online, where the prices and features are also mentioned to make the final purchase.

Its website is

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