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What Is the Short-Term Trend of Dry Batteries Prices?

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The short-term price trend of dry batteries is on an upward trend. There are several reasons. As a dry batteries manufacturer, I will make a simple analysis based on our actual situation.

#1-What Kinds of Raw Materials Do Dry Batteries Mainly Contain?

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The main raw materials of alkaline dry batteries: steel shell, copper needle, plastic sealing ring, separator paper, zinc paste, manganese dioxide mixture.

The main raw materials for the carbon zinc dry batteries: zinc, manganese dioxide, acetylene black, graphite, separator paper.

#2-What Kinds of Raw Materials Have a Relatively Large Impact on the Cost of Dry Batteries?

rising cost of dry batteries

Steel, copper, electrolytic manganese dioxide, acetylene black. Among them, copper accounts for about 3%, zinc accounts for 30%, manganese dioxide and acetylene black account for 40%, and steel accounts for 15%.

#3-How big is the impact of several main materials on the rising cost of dry batteries?

cost of dry batteries

From January 2021 to October 2021,

The price of zinc rose from USD3046 per ton to USD3578 per ton, an increase of 15%.

Steel increased from USD625 per ton to USD937 per ton, an increase of 40%.

Electrolytic manganese dioxide has risen from USD1562 per ton to now USD3200 per ton, an increase of 100%

Copper rose from USD7812 per ton to USD10930 per ton, an increase of 40%.

According to the magnitude of the increase in these materials and their proportion in dry batteries, the cost of alkaline disposable dry batteries and carbon zinc disposable dry batteries will actually increase by about 20%. According to the current industry judgment, the price of raw materials has not fallen. , Will continue to go up. Then the price of dry batteries will continue to rise in the future.

As a regional leading enterprise of disposable dry batteries, our company actively digests the increase in costs caused by rising raw materials through strengthening management and centralized procurement, and maintains the price as much as possible or reduces the increase.

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Carl Zhang

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