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Can the Battery Be Used After Being Dropped on the Ground?

dangerous 1

#1-Can the Polymer Lithium Battery Be Used When It Is Dropped on the Ground? Is It Dangerous?

dropped on the ground

First, see if the battery is deformed? If the battery has been dropped and deformed, it cannot be used. Although some deformed batteries can be charged and discharged normally, they must not be used. It does not mean that the swollen battery will ignite spontaneously, but once spontaneous combustion occurs, there will be different losses.

If the battery is not deformed, check whether the positive and negative contact pieces of the battery are detached or deformed. If they are not intact, they can basically be used, but pay attention to whether there is any abnormality in the charging and discharging process and whether it will overheat. If not, you can use it with confidence ,No danger.

#2-Can disposable alkaline batteries and carbon batteries be used when dropped on the ground?

requirements of iec

Sometimes when installing the battery, the battery slips from the hand to the ground by accident, and there is usually a question, can this battery be used? Compared with polymer lithium battery. It is relatively simple to judge carbon batteries and alkaline batteries.

First look, is there any deformation of the battery? Touch some with your hands to see if the battery gets hot? Then measure the voltage with a voltmeter after 10 minutes, is it normal? If these are normal, it can be used directly. 

#3- According to the requirements of IEC, a drop test is generally required when the battery leaves the factory. For example, the drop test of IEC60086-5 for alkaline batteries and carbon batteries is as follows:

requirements of iec 发

Undischarged test batteries are dropped from a height of 1m onto a concrete surface, twice in each of the three axes. Then rest the batteries for 1h.Eligibility Criteria: No explosion, No fire .

If there is no fire, there is no explosion. However, qualified does not mean that the battery can still be used after being dropped to the ground. A slight deformation after the drop may cause an internal short circuit, especially for alkaline batteries. The deformation of the bottom may cause the internal sealing ring to deform, which is easy to leak during use. Generally, do not use batteries that are deformed.

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