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Can a Battery With A Energy-Gathering Ring Really Increase the Capacity of the Battery?

We often see some TV advertisements saying that a certain brand battery is equipped with energy-gathering rings, and the power can be increased by 30%, but as ordinary consumers, we are actually very vague. We don’t know what energy-gathering rings are? I don’t know why the energy-gathering ring can increase the power of the battery by 30%. I will introduce it in detail from a professional point of view, combined with the battery produced by ourselves. If you are lucky enough to read this article, I believe this article, Will provide you with better suggestions when you buy batteries.

#1- What Is the Energy Gathering Ring On the Battery?

 Energy Gathering Ring

What we usually call the energy-gathering ring refers to the material on the disposable alkaline dry battery, such as AA and AAA batteries. So how does this dry battery store energy, and what exactly is the energy-gathering ring on the battery?

First of all, let’s take a brief look at alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are chemical batteries that use electrolyte to generate direct current. They are also disposable batteries. Common alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries are AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.

Since the shell of these dry batteries is made of metal, it is necessary to use an insulator to separate the positive and negative poles of the shell to prevent short circuits and leakage. Therefore, a plastic sheet is usually used at the bottom of the battery to separate the positive and negative poles, because the plastic sheet It is the best choice that is insulated and cheap. We usually call this plastic sheet called the energy-gathering ring. Generally speaking, for consumers, we would think that the plastic sheet at the bottom is an energy-gathering ring. It can be said simply, but from a professional point of view, I think this is not complete, unscientific, and unprofessional.

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#2-How to Fully Understand the Energy Gathering Ring?

Energy Gathering Ring

① To fully understand the energy gathering ring, I will analyze it from the following two aspects:

The energy-gathering ring technology is not the ring we see at the bottom of the battery. The energy-gathering ring technology forms the whole of our alkaline battery. When taken apart, the energy-gathering ring includes the energy-gathering inner ring, the metal shell, the high-density energy-gathering material, and the energy-gathering outer ring.

② It seems simple, but it plays a role in the following aspects:

图片2 1

The so-called energy-gathering ring, I think, should be more comprehensively defined from the technical level and the raw material level. First, we must use a high-strength, rust-proof metal shell. The metal shell should be thin, but the strength should be high and not rusty. The maximum diameter of the battery is fixed. If we want the battery to have a large amount of power, we need to have enough internal space to load the positive and negative materials. The metal shell is only thin, and the remaining internal volume is larger.

Secondly, the separator paper (the material that separates the positive and negative poles) should be good, which can effectively separate the positive and negative poles, but also allows electrons to pass through easily during discharge.

Then there is a positive ring composed of manganese dioxide and graphite. Generally, each battery has 3 rings. To achieve more energy gathering, high-purity manganese dioxide and graphite should be used, and then the density of the ring should be appropriate. The shape of the ring is as follows:

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Then use an anti-aging sealing ring with explosion-proof holes.

Then add a plastic ring at the bottom to completely separate the positive and negative poles to prevent the battery from short-circuiting. At the same time, it plays a role in gathering energy to a certain extent.

#3-Our Micropower Alkaline Batteries Have the Following Advantages During Production:


① We use high-energy anode ring to fuse fine conductive graphite, which greatly improves the conductivity and effectively reduces the loss during the discharge process.

② Using high-specific surface zinc powder, innovative surface spherical design, increasing the effective reaction area, the reaction is more sensitive, and can support a longer period of strong discharge.

③ If the battery is left for a long time, there will be safety conditions such as liquid leakage. We adopt double leak-proof technology, with a metal anti-corrosion shell and a new anti-aging sealing ring, which can easily deal with different environments and avoid damage to electrical appliances.

④During use, our battery adopts innovative explosion-proof safety valve design to ensure that it will never explode.

⑤ The battery will continue to discharge when exposed to the air, causing the battery’s power to continue to decline. That is, the battery that we have not used for a long time has often been reduced a lot. Our battery uses long-term energy accumulation technology, which can lock the power for up to 5 years.

So when buying a battery, please choose our MICROPOWER battery. We can also provide OEM. Choosing us will save you money and use electrical appliances for longer.

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Carl Zhang

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