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Dry Battery Manufacturers Top 10 in China

dry battery in china

At present, 80% of the world’s disposable dry batteries are produced in China. There are hundreds of dry battery manufacturers in China. Among them, our company Microcell International Battery Co.,Ltd is a professional dry battery manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production and export experience. Among them, the larger ones, I have summarized 10 for your reference.

#1-Nanfu Battery

nanfu battery

Founded in 1954, NanFu Battery is a national high-tech enterprise, an export enterprise supported by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and a leading enterprise in China’s battery industry. For 28 consecutive years, it has maintained the leading level in the industry in terms of “quality, sales volume, economic benefit, and labor productivity” of alkaline batteries.

NanFu Battery insists on taking science and technology as the forerunner, product as the core, and customer as the center. It has a research and development technology center and a post-doctoral scientific and technological research workstation, with more than 2,000 employees, various technical managers such as professors, doctors, postgraduates, and senior engineers account for more than 40% of the total employees. NanFu is a national demonstration unit of introducing foreign intelligence, and has established a number of new energy research centers in cooperation with National Key Universities and the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and formed a scientific research innovation mechanism. In addition, NanFu has developed more than 200 scientific and technological achievements of international advanced level in product innovation, equipment innovation, process innovation, packaging and decoration innovation. With 180,000 square meters of modern factory building and garden-like factory site, NanFu is an enterprise with the most modern equipment and the strongest scientific and technological capabilities in China’s battery industry. The company has passed ISO9001(2015) quality management system standard, ISO14001(2015) environmental management system standard, OHSAS18001(2007) occupational health & safety standard certification, and BSCI certification. LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61 alkaline battery series are all mercury-free, cadmium-free, lead-free green environmental protection products, and have passed UL, CE, KC, CB, PSE, SDS, RoHS, UN38.3, and other third-party qualification certifications.

#2-Tiger Head Battery

tiger head battery

Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd., with authorized self-import & export right, is the key enterprise for dry batteries in China. It realizes the annual sales over 6 billion pieces of dry batteries, and export value over 370 million U.S. dollars, which makes it the leading battery enterprise in China, not only in the concern of sales volume and export volume, but also of export value and main business incomes, also makes it rank seventh of top 100 enterprises export to Africa.

The company’s main products involve all kinds of dry batteries, lead-acid storage batteries, Ni-MH batteries, polymer Li-ion batteries, branded by “555”, “Tiger Head”, “TIHAD”, and “Lighting”. It also developed LED Lights series, battery electric appliance series, household appliance series, solar lights series, sports series and Daily necessity series, etc. In 2010, the company developed a new generation of low-carbon product named Lighting Battery which acts as lighting without affecting the normal function for power supply, facilitating emergency, adventure, atmosphere, and maintenance, etc.

#3-Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery

duracell battery

Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd. is incorporated by GP Batteries International Ltd and Ningbo Sonluk Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is entitled as deputy director unit of China Battery Industry Association and awarded as the key high-tech enterprise by China Torch Program. Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd. can produce full series of environmental friendly alkaline battery, integrating alkaline battery technology, research, development, production and sales.

Zhongyin(Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd is a highly professional alkaline battery manufacturer that produces one fourth of all alkaline batteries exported from China. We’ve ranked No.3 in the world and No.1 in China in terms of production capacity. The maximum production capacity is 4.5 billion pieces per year and annual production output is 3 billion pieces.

#4-Duracell Battery (China) Co., Ltd.

huatai new energy battery

Duracell is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality alkaline batteries, special types of batteries and rechargeable batteries. Since its inception in 1940, the company has become an iconic personal power brand, trusted for its compact and long-lasting batteries. Duracell Bunny has always occupied a central position.

Duracell is a battery consumer product manufacturing company with the largest market share in the world and a major manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries, professional batteries and rechargeable batteries. The brand was launched in 1965 and has now become a global consumer product mark, known for its high quality, reliability and innovation.

Duracell quality assurance exceeds the requirements of the ISO9000 standard, and specifies the use of the highest quality raw materials, strict testing and performance inspections and energy use. Every Duracell battery must undergo quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the best performance of the battery.

#5-Huatai New Energy Battery

dongguan gaoli battery

Shandong Huatai New Energy Battery Co., Ltd was established in May 1993. Over the years we have made great success in both product research and market development. We are currently one of the leading battery manufacturers in China and the world’s largest Zinc-carbon batteries manufacturer. Our company is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, less than 150 miles from one of the largest container terminal in China.

#6-Dongguan Gaoli Battery Co., Ltd.

xiamen 3 circles batteries

The Colliers Group was established in Jiangsu in 1995 and is headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It has four strategic business units covering energy, commerce, real estate, and investment, with operations in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang, and Changchun. , Changzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Yancheng, Wenzhou, Changsha and other places, there are about 69 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries.

For 26 years, the Colliers Group has insisted on co-development with cities and growing with customers, and has rich experience in diversified industry operations. Ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 100 Chinese private enterprises, and the top 100 service companies in China for many consecutive years, and was awarded the Forbes “Top 100 Chinese Enterprises” list (2006) and the most influential leading brand company in the annual overall evaluation of China’s real estate Top100 (2012), Jiangsu Brand Conference -40 Years Excellent Brand (2018), and won the Nanjing Guangcai Career Outstanding Contribution Award for 4 consecutive.

#7-Xiamen 3-Circles Batteries Manufacturer

white elephant battery

Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co.,Ltd. has had more than nine decades of battery production history and experience and is the leader of Chinese battery industry. In addition to traditional batteries, the Company focuses on developing laminated high-rate model series lithium batteries and UAV series lithium batteries. Now Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co.,Ltd. got her own brand SUNPADOW.

The Company has advanced automated lithium battery production line integrating the R&D, design, production sales and technical services of high-rate power lithium batteries . With laminated soft structure and the superior performance of high rate and low internal resistance, model power batteries may constantly discharge as high as 90C and reach the international leading level. The products are characterized by high specific energy, high specific power, good consistency, long battery life, wide temperature range, good heat dissipation effect, long cycle life, etc.

#8-Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sichuan Changhong Holding Group. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, manufacturing and sales of primary alkaline manganese batteries and secondary lithium ion batteries. It is one of the top 100 batteries in China Enterprise, vice-chairman unit of China Battery Industry Association, and listed enterprise on the selected layer of the New Third Board. Changhong New Energy is committed to becoming a professional supplier of environmentally friendly batteries, promoting the use of global clean energy, and becoming a world-class battery company with the mission of “precise manufacturing, technological innovation, and benefiting mankind”.

Lithium battery business is located in Taixing, Jiangsu-Changhong Sanjie New Energy Co., Ltd. It has high-precision and automated imported production lines. It can produce and sell 200 million cylindrical 18650 and 21700 lithium-ion batteries annually. It also has a “product + service” lithium battery pack one. Stand-alone system solving capabilities. Changhong Sanjie focuses on high-rate power and ultra-low temperature cylindrical technology fields. Its products are widely used in electrical tools, garden tools, sweeping robots and other markets. They are well received by domestic and foreign customers for their high safety, high consistency, and high cycle life.

#9-White Elephant Battery

battery 1

Shanghai White Elephant Swan Battery CO., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SWSBC) is the professional battery manufacturer for more than 90 years. SWSBC, office in Shanghai and factory moved to Anhui Province in the end of 2017, is one of council members of China Battery Industry Association, and one of the earliest enterprises with export autonomy in Shanghai. The annual output is around 500 million pieces of batteries, among which over 80% are sold to 6 continents, more than 40 overseas countries. By the efforts of generations of SWSBC staff, “White Elephant” and “Swan” brand battery enjoy a high reputation home and abroad.

#10-Mustang Battery

mustang battery

Zhejiang Mustang Battery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specialize in researching, manufacturing and selling different kinds of batteries. Mustang is a high-tech enterprises, and the vice executive director of China Battery Industry Association.

As one of the biggest alkaline battery manufacturer, Mustang have total 20 production lines for different size of zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline-manganese batteries. Annual production capacity is 2 billion pieces of batteries. Mustang is one of the largest manufacturers of Alkaline batteries. In 2019, our turnover is 990 million

Mustang has provincial engineering technology center and with a powerful technical force, and also has the specialized laboratory tests and set up the high standard to control and test according to the requirement of material for producing mercury-free and cadmium-free green batteries. Mustang’s self-inspection standards are much higher than those issued by the state or ministries, also passed the ROSH certification. Mustang’s batteries are come out top which is tested by National Light Industry Quality Inspection Center. Mustang has the Invention patent and utility model patent more than 40. Our batteries have been sold to European Union, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. LR6/LR03 alkaline zinc-manganese batteries with high capacity and environmental protection have obtained the first brand certificate of “Made in Zhejiang” in the field of dry batteries.

Nowadays, the competition in battery industry tends to be fiercer. We independently develop high-speed production line of alkaline-manganese. With the help of information technology, we transform the traditional production process. The establishment of a digital workshop, greatly improving the management efficiency.

Mustang follow to be customer satisfaction, perfection, Energy saving and environment protection, health and safety, people-oriented, standardized management and continuous improvement, excellent performance and integrity management. Mustang want to meet the changing needs of customers, through technological innovation, management innovation, to provide customers

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