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Battery Common Problems and Analysis

battery common problems

#1-What Are the Precautions When Using the Battery?

precautions when using the battery

① Read the battery manual carefully, and install and use it according to the manual. For secondary batteries, you need to charge and discharge for the first time in accordance with the instructions;

②The electrical and battery contacts should be clean and clean. The contact piece must not rust;

③Do not mix old and new batteries, and batteries of the same type but of different types cannot be mixed;

④Disposable batteries cannot be used for secondary charging;

⑤Do not short-circuit the battery, do not disassemble and put into fire, or throw the battery into water;

⑥ The battery should be removed when the electric appliance is not used for a long time, and the switch should be cut off after use;

⑦ Do not allow children to change the battery. Small batteries should be placed out of the reach of children;

⑧ If there are storage requirements on the battery manual, store it in accordance with the manual. Generally stored in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight.

#2-What Are the Main Factors Affecting Battery Life?

main factors affecting battery life

① Storage environment. If the battery is stored at high temperature for a long time, its electrode activity will be attenuated and its service life will be shortened.

② For the secondary battery, choose a suitable charger when charging. It is best to use a charger with a correct charging termination device to avoid shortening the service life of the battery due to overcharging.

③ The depth of discharge is the main factor affecting battery life. The higher the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life. Avoid over-discharging the battery to a very low voltage.

#3-What are the main reasons for the expansion of rechargeable batteries? And how to prevent the battery from exploding?

alkaline battery 1 1

Battery expansion is mainly due to poor battery protection circuit; battery cell expansion without protection function; poor charger performance, excessive charging current causes battery expansion; battery is continuously overcharged by high rate and high current; battery is forced to overdischarge; battery itself Design issues.

The means to prevent battery explosion are:

Do not charge, not short-circuit; use bettery charging equipment for charging; the vent of the battery must always be kept unblocked; pay attention to heat dissipation when using the battery; it is forbidden to mix different types and different old and new batteries.

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