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Can use Alkaline Battery Replace Rechargeable Batteries?

Can you use alkaline batteries in all devices that typically use rechargeable batteries? Yes, you can substitute alkaline batteries into most devices that use standard rechargeable batteries.

Alkaline batteries are disposable batteries, In most cases, alkaline batteries can replace rechargeable batteries. About details you can refer to HERE.

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Usually, the interchangeability of alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries refers to AA and AAA batteries.

First of all, in terms of size, the two are almost the same. According to the technical requirements of IEC61951-2:2017 and IEC60086-2:2016, the diameter and total height of the two types of batteries are the same, so there is a possibility of replacement in terms of shape.

Secondly, the open-circuit voltage of alkaline batteries is generally 1.5V, and the voltage of nickel-hydrogen batteries is generally 1.2V. The voltage required for general electrical appliances, such as remote controls and toys, is usually between 0.8V and 1.5V. Technically speaking, the voltage input is interchangeable.

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