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Are Carbon Zinc Batteries Worth Buying?

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Yes, it is worth buying. Carbon zinc batteries have many advantages. Carbon zinc batteries are worth buying, and carbon zinc batteries have a good price/performance ratio. First look at the carbon structure diagram.


#1-From the Perspective of Purchase Cost, the Biggest Advantage of Carbon Batteries Is That They Are Cheap. Compared With Alkaline Batteries, Compared With Lithium Batteries, Compared With Nickel-Metal Hydride, Nickel-Chromium Batteries of the Same Type, the Price of Carbon Batteries Is the Cheapest. Secondly, There Are Many Other Advantages.


Energy density of approximately 2 to 2.5 watt hours per cubic inch.

Average service maintenance exceeds 90% after one year storage at 21°C on typical tests.

Higher open circuit and initial closed circuit voltage than alkaline battery

Lower unit weight than alkaline battery

Available in voltages ranging from 1.5 volts to 12 volts and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sloping discharge curve.

Carbon batteries are also divided into several grades, generally divided into 3 grades. We call it General Purpose, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty. Super Heavy Duty is the best, it is the premium Carbon Zinc, which performs bettery on moderate to heavy drains or continuous drains versus the Heavy Duty and General Purpose grades.

Super heavy duty performs bettery on moderate to heavy drains. More suitable for Portable lighting (LED) and Motor/Toy. Heavy duty is more suitable for CD, digital audio, wireless gaming and accessories. General Purpose carbon zinc batteries is more suitable for Radio/Clock/Remote control.

#2-From the Performance Point of View, Carbon Zinc Batteries Are Very Suitable for Small Electric Discharge Appliances. For Example, the Remote Control Has the Highest Cost Performance With Carbon Batteries.

remote control

Discharge characteristics: Generally sensitive to external factors. Generally very sloped. Better when discharged intermittently.

Carbon Zinc batteries are more efficient when used in low rate applications as shown in the curve below.Typical carbon zinc light drain is defined as a current that would discharge the battery after 50 or more hours of use at room temperature. 

#3-In Terms of Storage and Use Temperature,

Carbon zinc batteries are recommended to be stored at room temperature 21°C. At this temperature, the self-discharge rate is very low, generally as follows:

1 year 90-100%

2 years 80‐90%

3 years 75‐85%

4 years 65‐80%

The storage of carbon zinc batteries at temperatures below 21°C will increase their service maintenance.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

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