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how to choose a battery

How to Choose a Battery?

Many electrical appliances at home use batteries. When we enter the supermarket, we will also find many types of batteries. What you probably want to know most is, which battery should you choose? Is it the cheapest? Is it the most expensive? Does the model match your electrical appliance?

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how to make the non rechargeable battery use longer

How to Make the Non-Rechargeable Battery Use Longer?

how to make disposable batteries last longer?#1- Store the Battery in a Place Where the Temperature Is Relatively Low. #2- The Old and New Batteries Cannot Be Mixed. #3- For Appliances and Devices That Are Not Frequently Used, Remove the Batteries After Each Use. #4- Pleaser Turn off the Switch After Using the Electrical Appliance. #5- Choose the Most Suitable Battery. #6- How to Maximize the Use of Battery Power?

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