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Alkaline Batteries and Zinc-Carbon Batteries, Which Are Indispensable in Life, Are You Using the Right Ones? How to Choose the Right One?


Whether it is the air conditioner remote control, TV remote control or children’s toys commonly used in life, wireless mouse and keyboard, quartz clock electronic watch, and radio are all inseparable from batteries. When we go to the store to buy batteries, we usually ask whether it is cheaper or more expensive, but few people ask whether we use alkaline batteries or carbon batteries?

Alkaline batteries have many advantages, they can be used for a long time and have sufficient power. But in daily use, it must be used according to the instructions.

For example, our commonly used quartz electronic watches are not suitable for the use of alkaline batteries. Because for clocks and watches, the movement of the clock only needs a small current to cope with it. Alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries will cause damage to the movement, causing inaccurate timekeeping, and even burnout of the movement, affecting its service life.

Zinc Carbon batteries are mainly used in low-power electrical appliances, such as clocks, remote controls, etc., and alkaline batteries should be used for larger power consumption, such as cameras, children’s toy cars, remote control cars, and some cameras require more power. The big NiMH battery is out. Therefore, when choosing a battery, it must be selected correctly according to the manual.

#1-Zinc Carbon Batteries

zinc carbon batteries

Zinc Carbon batteries are also called dry batteries, which is relative to batteries with a flowable electrolyte. Zinc Carbon batteries are suitable for flashlights, semiconductor radios, tape recorders, electronic clocks, toys, etc. They are mainly used for low-power appliances, such as clocks, wireless mice, etc. Alkaline batteries should be used for large power-consuming appliances, such as cameras, and some cameras. If you can’t support sex, then you need to use NiMH. Zinc Carbon batteries are the most widely used battery in our lives, and the earliest battery we have contact with should be this kind of battery. It has the characteristics of low price and a wide range of uses.

The full name of a carbon battery should be a carbon-zinc battery (because it is generally a carbon rod for the positive electrode and a zinc skin for the negative electrode), also known as a zinc-manganese battery, which is the most common dry battery. It has the characteristics of low price and safe and reliable use. The sex battery is easy to use, the price is cheap, and there are many types and prices to choose from. The natural shortcomings are also obvious. For example, it cannot be recycled. Although the one-time input cost is very low, the cumulative use cost is very worthy of attention.

#2-Alkaline Batteries

alkaline battery

Alkaline batteries use the opposite electrode structure of ordinary batteries in structure, which increases the area between the positive and negative electrodes. The negative electrode zinc is also The change from flake shape to granular shape increases the reaction area of ​​the negative electrode. In addition, high-performance electrolytic manganese powder is used, so the electrical performance can be greatly improved.

Generally, alkaline batteries of the same type are 3-7 times the power of ordinary carbon batteries, and the difference in low-temperature performance between the two is even greater. Alkaline batteries are more suitable for high-current continuous discharge and high-voltage applications. , Especially suitable for cameras, flashlights, razors, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, etc.

Alkaline batteries can be identified by seeing whether the words “alkaline” or “alkaline batteries” are shown on the batteries’ body.

#3-How to distinguish between these two different batteries?

two different batteries

① Look at the product logo

For the batteries that we usually use, the category of alkaline batteries is identified as LR, such as “LR6” for AA alkaline batteries, and “LR03” for AA alkaline batteries; the category of ordinary dry batteries is identified as R, such as “R6P” It is a high-power type No. 5 ordinary battery, and “R03” is a high-capacity type No. 7 ordinary battery. In addition, alkaline batteries will be marked with “ALKALINE“.

② Different weights

In the same type of battery, alkaline batteries are generally much heavier than ordinary dry batteries.

③ Touch by hand

Due to the different packaging methods of the two, the alkaline battery can touch a ring of grooves at the end near the negative electrode, while the ordinary carbon battery does not.

If you want to know more knowledge about zinc carbon batteries, please contact me, I am very happy to communicate.

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