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Do Disposable Batteries Explode? How Dangerous Is the Explosion?

alkaline battery

Disposable batteries will explode under special conditions, but the probability of explosion is very low, and the hazard of explosion is relatively small. Today I will conduct a comprehensive analysis from the causes of explosion, the hazards of explosion, the correct measures to be taken when the battery explodes and how to prevent explosions.

The more commonly used types of disposable batteries are alkaline zinc manganese dry batteries, carbon zinc zinc manganese dry batteries, zinc manganese button batteries and lithium manganese button batteries.

#1-What Are the Reasons for the Explosion?


①Buy counterfeit and shoddy products, which generally do not meet the standard of IEC-60086. The battery raw materials do not have explosion-proof structural parts, and no explosion-proof test is performed during the inspection process, so problems are prone to occur.

②New and old batteries, mixed use of different types of batteries, and mixed use can easily cause explosions. Different types of batteries with different levels of old and new have different electromotive forces. When batteries are mixed, different voltages will be generated, resulting in indeterminate voltage values. High-temperature gas will be generated in the batteries, which may easily cause explosion accidents and battery explosions. .

③The battery is short-circuited. For disposable dry batteries, battery short circuit is the main cause of battery explosion. Whether it is an internal short circuit or an external short circuit, the short circuit will cause the positive and negative electrodes to be directly connected. A large number of chemical reactions occur inside the battery in a short period of time, and a large amount of gas will be accumulated in an instant. If the explosion-proof hole of the battery is not opened in time, due to excessive gas will cause an explosion.

#2-What Are the Hazards of Explosion?

hazards of explosion

Whether it is a cylindrical battery or a button battery, the disposable zinc-manganese battery has a very low capacity, and the internal material activity is very small. Batteries can explode, but the hazard is minimal. The so-called explosion is not an explosion that occurs directly when the chemical substances in it interact with each other, nor is it an explosion caused by the interaction of the substances in it.

According to the definition of battery explosion in IEC6008-5:2016, it can be seen that the so-called explosion means that the internal material of the battery is instantly rushed out of the battery, and it can only become an explosion when it reaches a distance of 2 meters. When cylindrical batteries such as LR6/AA, LR03/AAA, R03/AAA, R6/AA explode, the battery will not burst directly, but the positive or negative part will be rushed out. Alkaline batteries are the negative electrode, and carbon-zinc batteries are the positive electrode. Therefore, when we take the battery, do not point the positive and negative poles in the direction of people, so as to avoid damage to the human body due to explosion.

Disposable batteries will not have a secondary explosion, and will not cause a fire due to the high temperature caused by the explosion. The explosion is caused by the difference in air pressure inside and outside, so there will be no high temperature due to the explosion, and no secondary explosion will occur.

#3-What Measures Should Be Taken When the Battery Explodes?

alkaline battery 1 1

If the strong alkaline solution ejected from the explosion of the battery accidentally splashes on the skin, scientific treatment method: rinse with a lot of water, it can dilute the alkaline solution, and then make the pH value of the alkaline solution closer to neutral, It can not only dilute the alkaline solution, reduce the damage, but also not aggravate the damage to the burned skin, so it is the most correct method.

If the strong alkaline solution ejected from the explosion of the battery accidentally splashes on the skin, it is not advisable to deal with it:

Most people think of using vinegar to rinse and neutralize acid and alkaline. This principle is correct, but experts believe that the vinegar we eat at home is often highly acidic. When our alkaline solution has burned the skin Sometimes, we use this highly acidic vinegar to neutralize the alkaline solution, which will cause more damage to the skin at this time.

Rinse with milk, this method is also incorrect, because milk can not neutralize the alkali ions in the alkaline solution, and cannot play any role in resisting the alkaline solution. For skin alkali burns, rinse with milk It does not have any neutralizing and protective effects, so it is not desirable.

If the battery explodes and no liquid is splashed on the skin, but it is splashed in other places, just wipe it clean. The material flushed out by the battery explosion can be thrown directly into the trash can. Disposable batteries will not have secondary explosions, nor will they cause a fire due to the high temperature generated by the explosion.

#4-How to Prevent Battery Explosion?

prevent battery explosion

① Purchase qualified batteries through formal channels.

②Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries.

③If the battery has not been used for a long time, take it out to see if it is deformed or bloated. If it is found to be deformed or bloated, stop using it.

④ Throw away the old batteries in the trash can in time after use, and do not let children play with them.

⑤ When putting the battery into the electric appliance, especially the alkaline battery, check whether the spring at the end of the electric appliance is firm and whether the spring is qualified. The spring in the battery box of some electrical appliances is unqualified. If an alkaline battery is used, the spring can easily be inserted into the gap between the positive and negative electrodes, connecting the positive and negative electrodes, causing a short circuit.

⑥ Avoid exposing the battery to high temperature for a long time.

⑦ Do not drop the battery into water.

Compared with secondary lithium batteries, although the probability of explosion of disposable dry batteries is very low, the harm caused by explosion is very small. But in the process of using it, we still try to avoid it as much as possible. For more battery knowledge, keep following my blog.

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