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Why Do Alkaline Battery and Zinc Carbon Battery Leak? What Should We Pay Attention To?

do alkaline batteries leak 1

Have you ever encountered a situation where electrical equipment is damaged due to battery leakage, especially when the leakage is serious, which directly damages the circuit board of the electrical equipment, and the electrical equipment is scrapped. You must also want to know, why does the battery leak? What should we pay attention to?

As a battery manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of production experience. I will briefly analyze the reasons from a professional perspective. If you read this article, you will have a lot of gains, and I hope this article Can help you.

#1-Why Do Alkaline Batteries Leak? 

zinc carbon battery leak

Alkaline batteries include LR6/AA, LR14/C, LR20/D, 6LR61/9V, LR1/N, 3LR12 and so on

①From the perspective of raw materials, the battery leaks only because of the raw materials are unqualified, which is mainly reflected in: the steel shell has small holes invisible to the naked eye, and there is electrolyte inside the battery. electrolysis Liquid will seep from these small holes, and the probability of liquid leakage is relatively small. From our production experience, it is one in 500,000.

Zinc paste: Zinc is the negative electrode material of the battery. During the battery discharge process, zinc and manganese dioxide undergo a chemical reaction, and the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. However, if there are impurities in zinc, especially iron, these impurities will react with the electrolyte and generate a large amount of gas. When the gas volume exceeds the pressure of the battery sealing ring, the explosion-proof hole of the sealing ring will open and the electrolyte will flow out. Leaking. This is the main cause of battery leakage in the raw materials. In the production process, we test and analyze the amount of zinc outgassing, and then collect the released gas and measure it to verify whether the zinc is qualified or not.

Sealing ring: The sealing ring is made of nylon. The size and thickness of the sealing ring must be appropriate. If the battery is not properly sealed, it is easy to leak.

Although the battery is small, there are more than 10 kinds of raw materials in it, and each raw material will directly cause the battery to leak. Therefore, if you want to produce a good battery, you must purchase good raw materials.

②In terms of process, we must first ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and better adopt a dust-free workshop so that no dust and impurities will enter during the production process. The inspection of every other link must be in place. At present, in terms of technology, most manufacturers have relatively mature technology, and there is not much difference in technology. It mainly depends on whether the quality control in the production process is in place. For example, the key to the sealing process is the deformation of the steel shell and the elastic compression of the sealing ring. To achieve the compression effect in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, the sealing can be achieved, otherwise it is easy to leak.

③The battery is short-circuited due to external reasons, such as direct contact between the positive and negative poles due to external reasons.

#2-Why Does the Zinc Carbon Battery Leak?

battery leak

Zinc carbon batteries are also called heavy duty batteries. The leakage analysis of zinc carbon batteries is relatively simple.

①Analyze from the raw materials:

Zinc can, because the internal structure of carbon battery is different from that of alkaline battery, zinc tube is used as the outer shell of carbon battery, which not only serves as the raw material in the container, but also participates in the chemical reaction. Dry battery discharge is mainly through the loss of electrons on the zinc cylinder, which is oxidized to Zn2+ and enters the electrolyte solution. The NH4+ in the electrolyte solution obtains electrons and is reduced to NH3. Zinc loses electrons in the reaction and acts as a negative electrode. As zinc is consumed, The outer skin will become thinner, and finally the electrolyte in the middle will flow out. Therefore, the zinc can must be thick and even. When we buy a zinc carbon battery, we can squeeze it lightly. If the battery has a high hardness, the zinc can will generally be very thick. Otherwise, during use, the zinc can will be damaged due to chemical reaction, and the battery will leak.

②Manganese dioxide:

As the cathode material of the battery, manganese dioxide participates in a chemical reaction. Manganese dioxide is divided into two types, one is electrolyzed, that is, the impurities inside are removed by electrolysis. One is natural, it is taken out directly from the mine and used directly, this kind of contains more impurities. Therefore, electrolytic manganese dioxide is recommended. There are many impurities in natural manganese dioxide. During chemical reactions, gas is easily generated, causing swelling and liquid leakage.

③Carbon rod:

If the density of the carbon rod is not up to the standard, the electrolyte will seep out along the carbon rod and cause liquid leakage.

④Sealing glue:

The glue must be good, so that the seal will be tight, otherwise the electro-hydraulic will flow out along the seal.

In terms of process, the process of zinc carbon battery is much simpler than that of alkaline battery, but the principle of control is the same as that of alkaline battery.

The battery is short-circuited due to external reasons, such as direct contact between the positive and negative poles due to external reasons.

#3-In Addition to Raw Materials, Technology.

addition to raw materials technology. 1

For example, the storage environment, temperature, and humidity will affect the battery, and severely will also cause the battery to leak. As consumers, there is no need to understand why the leakage is, we want to know more how to avoid the damage to the electrical appliances caused by the leakage.

①When we buy batteries, look at the production date and choose some batteries with the latest production date to buy.

② Buy batteries from regular manufacturers and try to use alkaline batteries

③Do not mix alkaline and carbon batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries. For some batteries that have not been used for a long time, use a voltmeter to test the voltage before use to ensure that the voltages of the batteries used in the same electrical appliance are similar.

④ For electrical appliances that are not used for a long time, remove the batteries in time and do not put them inside.

The MICROPOWER brand battery produced by our company adopts Japanese production machinery and production technology and is of high quality. Welcome to choose our battery. I believe it will make you satisfied.

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