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Does the Battery Work Better in Hot or Cold?

For disposable batteries, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. For example, our usual household AA and AAA batteries. When the positive and negative electrodes are connected, the zinc and manganese dioxide in the battery are catalyzed by the electrolyte. Through chemical reactions, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Total reaction: Zn+2MnO2+2NH4+=2Zn2++Mn2O3+2NH3+H2O

Since it is a chemical reaction, of course, the electrical performance is better when the temperature is high than when the temperature is lower, but it does not mean that the higher the temperature, the better, the normal temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, too high temperature will also affect the internal battery The structure will eventually affect the battery life.

For our household batteries AA and AAA, the temperature in an ideal use state is about 20 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the electrolyte is easy to freeze, which is not conducive to battery discharge, especially carbon batteries, which can hardly be used below 0 degrees Celsius. When the alkaline battery is between -20 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees Celsius, it will also greatly reduce the battery discharge time, which is only about 50%, or even better.

Alkaline Battery 2
Zinc Carbon Battery 2

In colder countries, such as Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and other Nordic countries, alkaline batteries are generally used in households instead of carbon batteries.

Therefore, when we use batteries, especially energy storage batteries and secondary batteries, we must carefully read the instructions and use them correctly in accordance with the instructions. This is good for discharging and protecting the batteries.

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