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Button Cell Batteries Lithium -Cycle Life, Characteristics and Applications

For small and low powered devices batteries used are in the form of cells, called coin cell batteries. Yes, these cells are lithium. These are small yet powerful for the devices they are designed for. The upper part is the negative terminal that also acts as an instructor, while the bottom side is a positive metal.

They might range from 1.5V to 4.23V when fully charged. The composition types of these battery cells may vary. There are alkaline battery cells, aluminium-air battery cells, atomic battery cells, dry battery cells, and Bunsen cells, etc.

The two basic types of cells are primary and other secondary battery cells. The primary battery cells are not rechargeable and are for “single-use” but secondary battery cells are rechargeable and are for “multiple usages.”

The coin battery cells both secondary & primary have an age of almost 2 to 3 years and are normally used in watches, calculators, small torches & also in some small toys. Lithium-ion is one of the major types of rechargeable batteries. Due to being rechargeable they generate less waste and offer better long-term value than primary cells that are single-use cells.

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Carl Zhang

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