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How long do rechargeable lithium batteries last?

The average is about two to three years but if you want them to last longer, here are some tips. Some experts say that these batteries do not have a charge memory so after every 30 charges, you should let these cell batteries completely discharge and then charge again.

You should make a habit of recharging your battery at 20% to 30%, not more than that, and not less, this will extend your batteries life.

You should avoid charging these batteries to full 100%. Charging batteries at temperature extremes may also harm your battery, some devices also have temperature control that limits battery charge at temperature extremes i.e. if the temperature is too high or too low the battery won’t charge. A moderate temperature is healthy for the batterie’s life.

Always avoid a deep discharge i.e. from 2V to 2.5V. It will cause an internal short circuit making the battery damage or can even destroy it for good.

The best way to charge a lithium-ion cell battery is at +-1% voltage constant current until it becomes fully charged. The second method is to monitor the charge current. As the battery charges the voltage raises and at a specific point approximately when the battery is 50% to 60% charged it begins to drop and drops at a significantly low level when the battery is up to 99% charged then this charge cycle ends.

Many chargers have features that can increase your batterie life, so selecting the best charger for your device mat extend its battery life. These chargers can end the charge cycle at the correct charge-current level. Knowing when to end the charge cycle is considered a key feature of the battery chargers in increasing the batterie’s life span.

A lower float voltage charger that keeps the battery from achieving a 100% charge for a higher capacity battery to achieve the same run time is essential in increasing the battery life.

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Carl Zhang

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