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How to Choose a Battery?

Many electrical appliances at home use batteries. When we enter the supermarket, we will also find many types of batteries.

What you probably want to know most is, which battery should you choose? Is it the cheapest? Is it the most expensive? Does the model match your electrical appliance?

#1- What Type of Battery to Choose?

what type of battery to choose

First, figure out the size of the battery, which is the model of the battery? This is relatively simple. There are signs on the electrical appliances. The most commonly used ones are AA, AAA, CR2025, CR2032, CR2016, LR44, and so on. First of all, the size cannot be mistaken. The size determines the model. If the model is wrong, it cannot be used.

#2- What Kind of Battery to Choose?

what kind of battery to choose

After figuring out the required model, look at the power of the electrical appliance. Generally, we don’t understand or have no logo. It’s okay. I’ll give you a simple way of judging it. All electrical appliances with motors, flashlights with strong light, and electronic locks are all high-power electrical appliances. For these electrical appliances, you need to buy alkaline batteries instead of zinc-carbon batteries.

Zinc-carbon batteries are suitable for low-power electrical appliances, such as remote controls, LED lights, etc.

#3- What Brand of Battery to Choose?

what brand of battery to choose

Disposable alkaline batteries and carbon batteries are both very mature in technology. We see more famous brands such as Duracell, Energizer, Sony, and EVEREADY in supermarkets or stores. Are these batteries good? Of course, it is good, but the price is also high. In addition to choosing these well-known brands of batteries, from the perspective of cost performance, I think we can choose some niche brands of batteries, because the power of niche brands maybe 90% or 95% of that of well-known brands, but the price is often correct. Only 1/2 of well-known brands.

Our MICROCELL company produces the MICROPOWER brand, which uses Korean rocket production equipment and Japanese technology. The battery produced is stable, safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to producing and exporting our own MICROPOWER brand batteries, we also provide OEM services for many European and American importers. Choosing MICROPOWER batteries will allow you to get the largest receipts with the least cost.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

I am a senior sales with 15 years in the battery industry and a bachelor's degree in economics.
I will be sharing some of my expertise on batteries and my insights into the battery industry in my blog, which should help you with your purchases in China.

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