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How to choose the right battery for household appliances?

Disposable household batteries generally include 4 models LR6, LR03, R6P and R03P, LR6 and LR03 are alkaline batteries, R6P and R03 are carbon zinc batteries.

LR03 and R03 battery are usually used in remote control, flashlight, digital audio and toy.  

LR6 and R6 are usually used in digital still camera, portable lighting, motor/toy, CD, digital audio, wireless gaming and accessories, radio, clock and remote control

Alkaline batteries are more suitable for high-power appliances, such as electric toys, razors, electric toothbrushes, electronic locks and other high-power appliances.

Carbon-zinc batteries are suitable for low-power electrical appliances, such as remote controls, LED lights, etc.

Please choose a suitable battery according to your appliance.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

I am a senior sales with 15 years in the battery industry and a bachelor's degree in economics.
I will be sharing some of my expertise on batteries and my insights into the battery industry in my blog, which should help you with your purchases in China.

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