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How to ensure the quality of alkaline batteries?


Disposable alkaline batteries may seem small and simple, but it is not easy to produce high quality, long-lasting, non-leaking batteries. Today I will make a brief analysis from several aspects in the hope of giving battery users a comprehensive understanding.

1, first of all, the production process and technology must be standardized, our alkaline battery production in strict accordance with the ISO9001 process specifications to operate.

From raw material intake, to semi-finished product production, finished product production, finished product packaging and other aspects are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 process to operate. We provide professional training to new employees and they must be qualified before they can start work. We ensure that our staff are proficient and that each step is carried out in accordance with the operating specifications, operating manuals and operating rules.

2, Secondly, from the process point of view, we implement the international standard IEC60086 set by the International Electrotechnical Commission, and also in accordance with the Chinese national standard GB8897. Our batteries not only comply with the international standard and Chinese national standard, but also comply with the Korean KC standard, and at the same time comply with the EU ROHS, REACH, CE and other requirements.

3, the finished battery is tested for electrical performance: the test is based on IEC60086-2:2021, and our electrical performance is greater than and much higher than the requirements of IEC60086-2.

4, It is more important that we test the safety of the battery, the main test items are as follows.

Storage of the battery after partial discharge: (simulating the battery after use and long periods of inactivity without the battery being removed)

The battery will be discharged 50% of the battery, stored at 45 ° conditions for 30 days without leakage.

Battery impact test: (simulates impact during transport and loading and unloading)

The battery is fixed on the impact table in three different directions and impacted with 150gn (acceleration), the battery does not leak, does not catch fire and does not explode.

High and low temperature impact resistance.

The battery is subjected to a low temperature of -20°C for 4 hours and a high temperature of +70°C for 4 hours, for 20 cycles. No leakage of liquid.

Vibration: (simulation of vibration in transport)

The battery will be placed on the vibration table in three different directions and subjected to 10Hz-55Hz, 1.6mm amplitude and 1Hz per minute variation for 90 minutes, without leakage, fire or explosion.

5. Reasonable and predictable abuse testing of the battery.

Reverse charge: four batteries in series, one of the battery polarity installed in reverse, keep 24 hours, the battery does not catch fire and does not explode.

External short circuit: connect the battery with <0.1Ω wire directly to the positive and negative terminals for 24 hours, the battery does not catch fire and does not explode.

Over discharge: connect a discharged battery in series with three new batteries (add a resistor) when the voltage drops to 2.4V, the battery will not catch fire and will not explode.

Free fall: when the battery is dropped 6 times from a height of 1M, the voltage drops to <0.03V, the battery does not catch fire and does not explode.

Through standardized operation and strict inspection process, our MICROPOWER batteries are all qualified products. More partners are welcome to visit our company for on-site inspection.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

I am a senior sales with 15 years in the battery industry and a bachelor's degree in economics.
I will be sharing some of my expertise on batteries and my insights into the battery industry in my blog, which should help you with your purchases in China.

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