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How to Identify and Buy the Right Battery?

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With the development of science and technology, all kinds of electrical appliances are increasing, especially more and more small household appliances, the demand for different types of batteries is more and more extensive, and batteries are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. All kinds of toys, shavers, flashlights, mobile phones, electronic scales, remote controls, instruments, etc. all have to use batteries. We all need electricity to use different electrical appliances, some are charged using chargers, and some are powered by batteries.

Different electrical appliances require different standard batteries. When you buy batteries, you often encounter such troubles: what is the difference between each type of battery? The difference between the AA battery and the AAA battery, the difference between the D battery and the C battery, I don’t know what size battery should be used for my equipment. Now I will make a simple analysis from the dimensions and specifications of the battery to bring you some reference and help when purchasing batteries.

1. Type A battery. Type A batteries are mostly flat-head batteries, generally used as battery packs, with a height of 49.0mm and a diameter of 16.8mm. Generally used in new watches, gas meters, cameras, video cameras.

2. AA type battery (LR6 battery, R6 battery). AA battery is one of the battery types. The general size is 14mm in diameter and 50mm in degree. The AA battery is small in size and moderate in capacity. This model is the most common, and is widely used in electric shavers, electronic toys, electronic equipment, digital equipment, etc. Many AA-type rechargeable batteries are also used as battery packs. No. 5 batteries are generally divided into zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc.

3,AAA type battery (LR03 battery, R03 battery). The AAA battery is cylindrical, 43.6 mm in height and 10.1 mm in diameter. It is mostly used in remote controls, electric toothbrushes, cameras, radios, alarm clocks, wireless mice, children’s electric toys, shavers, etc. It has limited volume but does not consume much power. In large occasions, flashlights are also used, but most of them are used in combination with multiple sections. There are both single-use alkaline batteries and rechargeable nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries.

4. AAAA type battery (9th battery). The 9th battery is cylindrical with a height of 42.5mm and a diameter of 8.3mm. The 9th battery is also called LR8D425, which is mainly used in some better devices, such as surface and pad stylus, Bluetooth headset, electronic dictionary, stylus.

5, C-type battery (LR14 battery, R14 battery). The C battery is smaller than the D battery, with a height of 49.5mm and a diameter of 25.3mm. It is mostly used in flashlights, toys, and audio-visual equipment.

6, D-type battery (LR20 battery , R20 battery). D model with a higher usage rate. Height 59.0mm, diameter 32.3mm. It is mostly used on gas stoves, large flashlights, and electronic ignition equipment.

7. N-type battery. N-type battery, also called LR1, is generally used as a battery pack, with a height of 28.5mm and a diameter of 11.7mm. Due to its small size, there are fewer applicable devices, and it is generally used on doorbells.

8, F-type battery. F-type batteries are also mostly used in battery packs. The battery size is 89.0mm in height and 32.3mm in diameter.

9, Square battery, square battery is 9V battery, there are 2 kinds, one is called 6F22 (carbon 9V), and the other is called 6LR61 (alkaline 9V). 9V batteries are generally used in multimeters, high-power remote controls and smoke alarms. Electric door lock backup battery and other equipment.

In addition, there are: 23A (12V), 27A (12V), CR123A (6V) and other small cylindrical batteries, which are generally stacked from button batteries, and are mostly used in instruments such as multi-purpose watches. For more knowledge about batteries, please continue to pay attention to my blog.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

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