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How to Make Hearing Aid Battery Work Longer?

What is the hearing aid batteries?

The original hearing aid battery was a zinc-manganese button battery, but because of its low power, it has the disadvantage of a short use time.

Since the advent of zinc-air batteries, zinc-air batteries have gradually replaced zinc-manganese button batteries. At present, the batteries of hearing aids are basically zinc-air batteries, which are generally divided into 4 models: A675, A13, A312 and A10, which should be purchased according to the size of the hearing aid or the user guide.


For example, the 1.4V A312 zinc-air battery uses zinc as the negative electrode material and oxygen in the air as the positive electrode material, so there is no need to put the positive electrode material inside the battery, which can free up more space to load more negative electrode materials. Therefore, its capacity is 3-10 times that of other button batteries. This kind of battery also has the advantages of very stable working voltage and low noise. It is the best power source for the back-of-the-ear, in-ear and ear canal type advanced hearing aids. This kind of battery must have air when it works, so there must be vents on the battery shell. The pores are glued with protective tape before leaving the factory, and only torn off when used. In addition, its open circuit voltage is lower when the pores are closed, and higher when the pores are unblocked, all other batteries have no such feature. And it can still guarantee good performance in low temperature environment.

How to know if the zinc air battery still work without a battery tester?

Insert the battery in the hearing aid and close the battery door. Close your hand around the hearing aid and hold it up to your ear. If the hearing aid is squealing, the battery is functioning.

How to make your hearing aid battery work longer?

Because zinc-air batteries require the use of oxygen in the air during the process of converting chemical energy into electrical energy, there is a 5-minute rule during use, which can make the battery work longer. For details Please click here to see the 10 tips.

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