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Is It Dangerous When Alkaline Battery Leaks?

#1- Is It Dangerous When Alkaline Battery Leaks?

Alkaline Battery Leaks

First of all, let’s figure out a few questions?

①What is the composition of the liquid in the alkaline battery?

First look at the internal structure diagram of the alkaline battery:

 structure diagram of the alkaline battery

-Let’s take a look at the basic ingredients in alkaline batteries:

No.Material nameMaterial compositionChemical formula
1Steel shellIron FeFe
2Sealing ringPolyhexamethylene adipamide (nylon 66)(C12H22N2O2)n
3Separator paper CarbonC
4Zinc powderzincZn
5Cathode powderManganese dioxideMnO2
6ElectrolytePotassium HydroxideKOH
7SealantHydrocarbon carbohydrateC,H
8Negative electrode coverIronFe
9Copper pinCopperCu
10Distilled waterWaterH2O

-From the perspective of the composition of alkaline batteries, the main components of the liquid from the leakage of alkaline batteries are potassium hydroxide and water. Since potassium hydroxide becomes alkaline and has certain corrosiveness, it will generally corrode the skin of the battery first, and if it is placed in the electrical appliance, it will also corrode the electrical appliance.

Potassium hydroxide is corrosive, but the potassium hydroxide in the battery is actually potassium hydroxide aqueous solution, 40% is potassium hydroxide, 60% is water, so if it touches the skin, please wash it with water immediately, not too much worry. In case of eye contact, please wash immediately with running water, and then seek medical attention.

②Why Do Alkaline Batteries Leak?

There are two main reasons for the leakage of alkaline batteries. First, the sealing ring is mechanically damaged, second, the negative electrode material contains impurities, and third, there is a problem with the separator paper. The above three problems are the main reasons for the leakage of alkaline batteries. The above three problems will cause the battery to short circuit, increase the amount of gas, and exceed the pressure of the sealing ring, and the liquid will break through the sealing ring and flow out from the bottom of the battery.

③How to Do When Alkaline Battery Leaks?

  • Put on your gloves. Alkaline battery corrosion can burn your skin, so it is important to keep your hands covered.
  • Remove the battery and discard.
  • Wipe away any large pieces of the corrosion with your wash cloth.
  • Pour a small amount of white vinegar into your bowl.
  •  Dip your cotton swab into the vinegar and rub it along the corroded area. The vinegar will dissolve the corrosion. Repeat until the corrosion is gone.
  • Dip your cotton swab into ordinary water and rub along the area that was corroded. This will help to remove any vinegar residue.
  • Wipe the area down with your second wash cloth to make sure that everything is dry. The corrosion caused by the alkaline battery will now be gone.

If the electrical appliance is not used for a long time, please remove the battery. Although some electrical appliances are not in use, the internal circuit of the battery is connected, and the battery has been self-discharged. After a long time, there may be the possibility of leakage.

#2- Will Alkaline Batteries Leak During Use?

 alkaline batteries leak during use

It may leak. There are two reasons. The first reason is that there is a problem inside the battery. During use, the battery will generate a large amount of gas during the discharge process. If the gas exceeds the range of the sealing ring, it will open and the liquid will flow out.

The second reason is that there is the possibility of over-discharge during the battery use. If the battery is over-discharged, the amount of internal gas will increase. If the gas exceeds the range of the sealing ring, it will open and the liquid will flow out.

#3-Will Alkaline Batteries Leak After Being Stored for a Long Time?

alkaline batteries leak after being stored for a long time

It is best to store alkaline batteries in an environment with a humidity of 50-75% at 20 degrees Celsius. This environment is conducive to the preservation of the battery. Generally, it should not be stored for more than 5 years. Although in the current market, many manufacturers advertise that the validity period is 10 years, this is more theoretical test data, which is obtained under laboratory conditions. It is different from the actual storage environment of the battery.

#4-Compared With Carbon Batteries, Which One Is Easier to Leak Between Alkaline Battery and Zinc Carbon Battery?

 alkaline battery and zinc carbon battery

Compared with alkaline batteries, carbon batteries are more prone to leakage. Therefore, if the economic conditions are affordable, it is recommended to buy alkaline batteries.

The MICROPOWER alkaline battery produced by our microcell company is very cost-effective. The leakage rate is only 1 in 100,000, and the price is factory price, quite cheap. Everyone is welcome to choose and use our batteries. It will definitely put you at ease and save money.

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