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What Kind of Battery Is an Alkaline Button Battery?

alkaline button

Alkaline button batteries (LR batteries) are small primary batteries that use manganese dioxide for the positive electrode, zinc for the negative electrode, and alkaline aqueous solution for the electrolyte. It is cost-effective and widely used in toys and medical appliances. At present, some major brands in the market, such as Sony, Panasonic, GP and other alkaline button batteries, protect the environment, and the mercury usage rate is 0%. The MICROPOWER brand button battery produced by our company is also environmentally friendly. It has passed ROHS certification and has a mercury content of 0%.

#1-Alkaline Button Batteries Have Very Good Characteristics, as Follows:

battery characteristics

Cost-effective: the cathode material uses relatively cheap manganese dioxide, and the anode uses zinc. Compared with silver oxide button batteries, alkaline button batteries are more cost-effective.

Superior discharge stability and heavy-load pulse characteristics: Even if it is an instantaneous high-current discharge, a stable discharge voltage can be obtained.

Superior liquid leakage resistance: Due to its own structural characteristics, alkaline button batteries have a very low probability of liquid leakage, achieving superior liquid leakage resistance.

The self-discharge rate is very small: it is stored at 20 degrees Celsius for half a year, and the discharge duration after 1 year hardly changes.

#2-What Is the Main Purpose of Alkaline Button Batteries?

purpose of alkaline button batteries

Medical equipment, electronic thermometers, anti-theft alarms, toys, LED lamps and other low-power electrical appliances.

#3-What Is the Principle of Alkaline Manganese Button Battery?

principle of alkaline button battery

The main material of the positive electrode is manganese dioxide, and the active material of the negative electrode uses special treated fine zinc powder. In addition, KOH (potassium hydroxide) can be used as an electrolyte, which can stabilize the supply voltage for a long time. The discharge reaction of the battery is:

The electromotive force shows about 1.50V, and the battery voltage shows a stable and gentle voltage characteristic to the end of discharge, and its characteristic is that the impedance characteristic during the discharge process is also very low.

#4-The Cross-Sectional Structure Diagram of the Alkaline Button Battery Is as Follows:

diagram of the alkaline button battery

#5-Which Types of Alkaline Button Batteries Are Included? What Are the Different Names in the World?

AG0 LR63 V379 379 RW327 LR521
AG1 LR60 V364 364 RW320 LR621
AG2 LR59 V397 397 RW311 LR726
AG3 LR41 V384 384 RW37 LR736
AG4 LR66 V377 377 RW329 LR626
AG5 LR48 V393 393 RW48 LR754
AG6 LR69 V371 371 RW315 LR920
AG7 LR57   395   LR927
AG8 LR55 V381 381 RW30 LR1120
AG9 LR45 V394 394 RW33 LR936
AG10 LR54 V390 390 RW39 LR1130
AG11 LR58 V362 362 RW310 LR721
AG12 LR43 V301 301 RW34 LR1142
AG13 LR44 V303 303 EW32 LR1154

AG3, AG8, AG10, AG12 and AG13 are the most used models.

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