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Knowledge of Alkaline AA Battery

#1-Why Alkaline AA Batteries’ Voltage Is 1.5v?

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The voltage of an alkaline battery is 1.5V. This is determined by the positive electrode material manganese dioxide and the negative electrode material zinc. When the positive and negative electrodes are assembled together, the electromotive force between the positive and negative electrodes is 1.5V when they are connected.

#2-Can 1.2v Nimh AA Batteries and 1.5v Alkaline AA Batteries Be Used Interchangeably?

1.2V NiMH AA batteries and 1.5V alkaline AA batteries

1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries can replace the nominal 1.5V alkaline batteries in most cases, but it depends on what kind of electronic products are used, some are not applicable, not unusable, for example: rechargeable batteries On electronic clocks, remote controls and other electronic products, (this kind of electronic products consume very little power, and the end voltage of the product is 1.2V when the product is designed. If the situation reflected by the rechargeable battery is used, it will not last long. It feels out of power. The self-discharge rate of rechargeable batteries is much higher than that of ordinary alkaline batteries, and its internal resistance is small, so it is not suitable for small current power supply occasions. For a very small number of electronic products, it cannot be used at all or may appear abnormal.

#3-When the Voltage of the Alkaline AA Battery Is Lower Than How Much V, It Can Hardly Be Used?

alkaline AA battery is lower than how much V, it can hardly be used

Generally, the set working voltage of electrical appliances is above 0.9V. When the discharge voltage of alkaline batteries is lower than 0.9V, the electrical appliances will hardly work.

#4-Can Alkaline AA Batteries Be Charged? Alkaline AA Batteries Cannot Be Recharged?


Alkaline AA batteries are currently disposable. Individual claims that it can be charged and used, this is wrong.

#5-What Is the Self-Discharge Rate of Alkaline AA Batteries?


This cell has a sloping discharge characteristic, will lose perhaps four percent of its power per year if left unused on a shelf.

#6-What Is the Manufacturing Process for Alkaline AA Battery?

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production process flow chart
production process flow chart
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