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How to Make the Non-Rechargeable Battery Use Longer?

How to make batteries last longer? Non-Rechargeable batteries are also called disposable batteries, disposable batteries are the most widely used household batteries. For example, remote controls, children’s electric toys, electronic door locks, flashlights, etc. are generally disposable batteries. Currently, the most used disposable batteries are alkaline batteries and zinc-carbon batteries.

Disposable batteries are cheap, easy to use, and do not need to be recharged. However, if there are more electric toys for children at home, The battery usage amount is very large, and the cost of buying batteries is not low.

So you must be wondering how to make disposable batteries last longer? Are there any good tips?

As a battery manufacturer, as a battery expert with 20 years of experience, as a battery user, I will explain from several aspects, how to make disposable batteries last longer?

#1- Store the Battery in a Place Where the Temperature Is Relatively Low.

Generally, you will buy a box or a few cards of batteries from the supermarket instead of buying one. Because large packages tend to have a lower average unit price, and we are also happy to save some batteries at home for future use.

Disposable batteries will self-discharge, but the self-discharge rate is very low. According to the IEC60086 standard, the use time reduction rate of alkaline batteries cannot exceed 10% after one year of storage, and zinc-carbon batteries cannot exceed 20%. However, this standard has a precondition for storage, that is, around 20 degrees Celsius, and it is best not to exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the batteries we bought should be placed in a place where the temperature is relatively low. Low temperature will reduce the activity of the electrolyte, which can reduce self-discharge.

For more How to Store Batteries, pls see below blog:

#2- The Old and New Batteries Cannot Be Mixed.

the old and new batteries cannot be mixed

The old battery has low energy and low power, while the new battery has high energy and more power. When they are mixed, the old battery will affect the use time of the new battery, usually shortening the use time of the new battery, and the new battery will also make the old Excessive discharge of the battery causes liquid leakage and damages the electrical appliances. The mixed use of new and old batteries will reduce the actual performance of the battery.

#3- For Appliances and Devices That Are Not Frequently Used, Remove the Batteries After Each Use.

for appliances and devices that are not frequently used remove the batteries after each use

The battery will self-discharge and is placed in the consumer. Although the switch of the consumer is not turned on, it is equivalent to forming a loop, which will accelerate the self-discharge of the battery. Therefore, for appliances that are not frequently used, take out the battery after use and put it in a plastic bag. It is best to use a small note to write down which appliance is used and install it here next time you use it. on.

Another reason is to prevent accidentally touching the switch and turning on the switch without knowing it. This will waste the battery. In severe cases, it will cause liquid leakage and damage electrical appliances.

This is something we often neglect. You may not take out the battery in order to save the trouble and use it at any time next time. This is actually a bad habit. It is recommended that you take out the battery in time for those infrequently used electrical appliances.

#4- Pleaser Turn off the Switch After Using the Electrical Appliance.

For flashlights, we generally remember to turn off the power when not in use. However, for some remote controls, electric toys with remote controls, toys, and remote controls have their own switches. Sometimes children do not turn off the switch after playing. Although the toy is not playing, it is still in a state of discharge. The discharge is slower.

One of the easiest ways to extend battery life is to ensure that your electrical appliances are turned off when you are not in use. Rather than let the power in the battery run out, it is better to take necessary measures to keep your electrical appliances on for longer periods of time.

#5- Choose the Most Suitable Battery.

We usually use carbon batteries and alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries are suitable for high-power electrical appliances, such as electric toys, electronic door locks, flashlights, etc.

Carbon batteries are suitable for low-power batteries, such as remote controls and low-brightness LED light sources. If a carbon battery is placed in an electric toy, it will soon run out of electricity. But for ordinary remote controllers, the service life of alkaline batteries and carbon batteries is almost the same.

#6- How to Maximize the Use of Battery Power?

For batteries used in high-power electrical appliances, such as electric toy cars, if the battery power is not enough to make the electric toy car work, we can take out the battery and measure the voltage. If the voltage is above 0.9V, we can put it in the remote control continue to use it, because the remote control is a low-power electrical appliance, and a small current can make the remote control work. This way we can save some batteries.

So according to the power consumption of your electrical appliances, please choose a suitable battery, so that the battery’s performance can be maximized. From an economic point of view, buy more alkaline batteries and less zinc carbon batteries. Zinc carbon batteries are recommended to be used in the remote control. For other electrical appliances, use alkaline batteries as much as possible. Because the cost performance of alkaline batteries is more than double that of zinc carbon batteries. Can save you money.

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