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What Are the Naming Rules for Disposable Alkaline Dry Batteries and Carbon Dry Batteries?

naming rules

According to the outline and regulations of IEC60086-1:2021. The names of alkaline batteries and carbon batteries consist of 3 parts, which are described as follows:

#1-In the Naming of Dry Batteries, the Shape of Dry Batteries Is Represented by Letters, Among Which R Means Round Dry Batteries and F Means Flat Batteries.

shape of dry batteries

For example, R03, LR03, etc. are cylindrical batteries.

6F22, 4F22, 10F⒛, etc. are flat batteries.

#2-The Size of the Battery Is Indicated by Numbers. Different Sizes Indicate Different Battery Sizes. The Larger the Number, the Larger the Battery.

different sizes indicate 1 1

Common alkaline batteries: LR1, LR03, LR6, LR14, LR20.

Common carbon batteries: R03, R6, R14, R20

#3-In the Name of the Battery, Letters Are Added After the Numbers to Indicate the Characteristics of the Battery.

numbers to indicate

S is a normal type, C is a high-capacity type, and P is a high-power type.

For example, the common types of round dry batteries are R20S, R14S, R6S, etc.;

High capacity type: R20C, R14C, R6C.

High power type: R20P, R14CP, R6P.

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