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What Is the Naming Method of Lithium Battery Model?

lithium battery

#1-The Single Lithium Battery Model Consists of Four Parts.

model consists

1, The letter codes of the first part of the system are shown in the following table:

Letter codesystemCategoryElectrolyte Voltage
BLithium-carbon fluoridePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte3.0
CLithium-manganese dioxidePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte3.0
DLithium-bismuth trioxidePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte1.5
ELithium-thionyl chlorideprimary cell activated Organic electrolyte3.6
FLithium-iron sulfidePrimary battery, Thermal batteryOrganic electrolyte ,Molten salt electrolyte1.5 2.2
GLithium-Copper OxidePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte1.5
Hlithium-lead bismuth oxidePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte1.5
Ilithium-iodinePrimary batterySolid organic electrolyte2.8
KLithium-CuSPrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte2.1
QLithium-titanium sulfideStorage batteryOrganic electrolyte2.1
ULithium-chromium oxidePrimary batteryOrganic electrolyte3.0
VLithium-TridecoxaneStorage batteryOrganic electrolyte2.4
WLithium-Sulfur DioxidePrimary & Storage batteryorganic, inorganic mixed electrolyte2.8
YLithium-Molybdenum DioxideStorage batteryOrganic electrolyte1.9

2, The second part of the shape letter code is shown in the following table:

Shape DescriptionLetter code
Including: Cylindrical, Slim Cylindrical, Disc, Button RR
Flat square (thickness≤10mm)F
“D” shape: bottom fillet radius ≥ 5mm until semicircleD

3, The third part indicates the size or capacity of the battery, expressed in Arabic numerals

For R, S, F-shaped batteries, the Arabic numerals indicate the size of the battery

  • For R-shaped battery: A: When the height is less than 10mm, use a four-digit integer to indicate the size. The first two digits represent the integer value of the diameter, and neither the decimal point nor the following digits are represented. When the diameter is less than 10mm, the tens place is “0”. The last two digits represent the height, including one digit after the decimal point, but the decimal point does not represent it. When the height is less than 1mm, it is “00”.

B:When the height is greater than or equal to 10mm, use a five- or six-digit integer to represent the size, the first two digits represent the integer value of the diameter, and the decimal point and the following numbers are not represented. When the diameter is less than 10mm, the tens place is “0”. The last few digits indicate the height, including one digit after the decimal point, but not the decimal point.

  • For S-shaped and F-shaped batteries, the size (mm) is indicated by integers in descending order. The last two digits of the F-shaped cell indicate the thickness. When the thickness is less than 10 mm, the tens place is “0”, and when the thickness is less than 1 mm, both places are “0”.
  • For D-shaped batteries, the number indicates the capacity of the battery. It is represented by a two-digit integer, and only one digit after the decimal point is taken, but the decimal point is not represented. When the capacity is less than 1.0A·h, the tens place is “0”.

4, The letter code of the fourth part of the working characteristics is shown in the following table:

(When there are more than two working characteristic letter codes in a model name, they are arranged in the order from top to bottom as shown in the table below)

working characteristics

For example: CR2032: It is a lithium-manganese battery, which belongs to the lithium-manganese dioxide structure. The positive electrode material is manganese dioxide, the negative electrode material is metal lithium, and the electrolyte is lithium battery electrolyte.

Lithium manganese dioxide batteries are named according to IEC60086-2:2021 standards. Among them, C- represents a chemical battery system with lithium metal as the negative electrode and manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, R- represents the shape of the battery is cylindrical, if it is square, F is replaced; 20 represents the diameter of the battery is 20mm, 32 represents the battery Height is 3.2mm. The nominal voltage is 3.0V, the end point voltage is 2.0V,


#2-Model Name of Lithium Battery Pack


1, The first part is Arabic numerals, indicating the number of single cells connected in series.

2, The second part is the single lithium battery model that makes up the battery pack.

3, The third part consists of “-” and Arabic numerals. When there is no series connection, this number indicates the parallel number of single cells; when there is a series connection (to form one channel), this number indicates the number of parallel channels. At this time, the total number of single cells in the battery pack is two numbers in series and two in parallel. product of .

If the battery pack is composed of several different combinations, they should be separated by slashes, and the slashes indicate that the combination recognizes different batteries.

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