CR2450 Lithium Battery

Microcell 3V CR2450 Lithium Battery is expertly for backup power supply for all kinds of electronic products, such as Computer mainboard, Watch, Calculators, Remote Controls, etc. Also available in Alkaline Battery & Zinc-Carbon Battery.





Shelf Life

2 years

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About 25 days after confirming the order


UM38.3, UL, CE, ROHS, IEC60086, MSDS

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Details about CR2450 Lithium Battery

· CR2450 Lithium Battery

CR button cell is a lithium-manganese primary battery, The upper part is the negative terminal that also acts as an instructor, while the bottom side is a positive metal.

As their name implies these batteries are designed to power relatively smaller devices. The most commonly used lithium cell is also called “Lithium coin”.

Lithium button cell batteries have an age of almost 2 to 3 years. They last a year if used continuously like in a wristwatch and for 2-3 years in other devices where usage is not continuous like remote controls of speakers and car central locking system. Compared to other batteries they are safer due to a small size and low power.

It’s important to remember that battery cells that are new shall perform way better than cells from a warehouse 2 to 3 years old. It doesn’t matter if they are unused just there on the shelf for 2 years, but they will not give the same result as the new ones, nor they will last very long. They would go for not more than a year or even less.

·CR2450 Lithium Battery Brief Datasheet

-Chemical system: Li-manganese dioxide CR2450 (Mercury and Cadmium free)
-CR2450 Lithium Battery Dimensions: Φ:24.5mm, H: 5.0mm
-CR2450 Lithium Battery Average voltage: 3.0 V
-CR2450 Lithium Battery Nominal weight: 6.5g
-CR2450 Lithium Battery Nominal Capacity: 630mAh, it can maintain over 97% volume after one year, over 92% after two years. 6, Operating Temperature:-20°c–+60°c
-Pins/Tags Available
-Shelf life>2years

·Available Pack Sizes

-CR2450 Lithium Battery 1 pack
-CR2450 Lithium Battery 2 pack
-CR2450 Lithium Battery 5 pack
We also provide Customized Pack Sizes, just tell us your Idea!

·CR2450 Lithium Battery Specifications

You can Download CR2450 Lithium Battery Specifications here, in that datasheet, you will see the CR2450 Lithium Battery capacity, CR2450 Lithium Battery discharge curve, CR2450 Lithium Battery current, CR2450 Lithium Battery milliamp hours, CR2450 Lithium Battery maximum current, CR2450 Lithium Battery temperature range, etc.

-Strong Production Capacity: 7 Fully-automatic production lines and 20 machines to ensure the battery capacity, and you will no worry about stable availability.
-High Quality: 5 strict inspection procedures provide you 0 worry about quality & 0 complaints from your customers. Each battery comes with a “quality warranty”. Design, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Microcell’s stringent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the IEC battery standards.
-OEM Service: We have a B2B-dedicated multifunctional team with deep technical expertise and unique designs for hot products in over 40 countries. We can give you the hottest packaging styles and label designs for free regarding your ideas.
-One-Stop Solution: Customer-centric business approach. The dedicated team of professionals can help you save your time (consultation, suggestion, design, packaging, forwarder, delivery time & reply time) since we have a one-stop solution service.

cr battery

Computer mainboard, Watch, Calculators, Remote Controls

OEM Batteries

Microcell offers various types of batteries that support thousands of Applications, such as Medical, Industrial, Infrastructure, Life Safety, and so on. We have AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Batteries, and Button Cells.

Whether the battery is required to be the main source of power or as backup power for the devices, if you require unique requirements, our B2B OEM dedicated multifunctional team will help you design the best artwork to satisfy your specific needs of any application. 
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The dedicated team of professionals can help you save your time(delivery time & reply time) since we have a one-stop solution service.


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