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What Are the Production Standards for Dry Batteries?

standards for dry batteries

1. There is an international and unified standard for dry batteries. The standard number is IEC60086, which is formulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission. This standard will be updated every few years according to the changes in the commonly used electrical appliances on the market. The updated standard is to meet the requirements of newly added electrical appliances on the market.

The latest standard numbers are IEC60086-1:2021, IEC60086-2:2021 and IEC60086-5:2016. Among them, IEC60086-1:2021 and IEC60086-2:2021 are for battery appearance, size, and electrical performance requirements. IEC60086-5:2016 is a requirement for battery safety performance.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a quasi-governmental international organization that formulates and publishes all international standards for electrotechnical and electronic and related technical fields and formulates relevant conformity assessment procedures. The purpose of IEC is to promote international cooperation in standardization and conformity assessment activities in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, and to enhance understanding and exchanges between countries. To achieve this, the IEC develops international standards, conformity assessment procedures and white papers that provide industry guidance and encourages active use by countries. Up to now, IEC members cover 173 countries, including 62 full members, 25 associate members and 86 liaison members. These member countries have 99% of the world’s population and power generation, so IEC is known as the “United Nations in the field of electrotechnology”.

2. IEC60086 is an international standard. This standard does not have high requirements on the electrical performance of batteries. The purpose is to consider different development stages and different production technologies of developed countries and developing countries. Different countries will specify their own national standards within the framework of the IEC60086 standard. National standards are generally higher than IEC standards. At present, 80% of dry cells are produced in China, which is a member of IEC. The formulation and implementation of dry battery standards have a very significant impact. China’s dry battery standard is formulated and released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Administration. The latest standard is GB8897.2-2021.

3. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standard for primary primary batteries (dry batteries) is IS 16046(Part 1):2018.

indian standards bis 1

In South Korea, since November 15, 2020, KC has included disposable cylindrical batteries and disposable button batteries into the scope of certification and control, and the standards are to be determined;

Different countries have slightly different standards for primary primary batteries (dry batteries), but they are all formulated under the framework of IEC60086. For more battery production standards, please feel free to follow our blog.

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