Health & Medical Battery

health and medical battery

We Offer Battery Cells for
Health & Medical Sector

You can bulk dry cell batteries from Microcell battery manufacturer. And for battery packaging and design, we can customize it for you. 

For example blood pressure monitor batteries, pulse oximeter batteries, thermometer batteries, infusion pump batteries, etc.

If you have any questions about how to bulk health and medical equipment batteries, feel free to contact our team at any time.

Microcell Batteries Benefits for Health & Medical Sector

A Variety of Types and Package

Microcell's battery cells for health and medical equipments are available in large selections. One can choose from our battery manufacturer such as aa battery, aaa battery, 9v battery, button cells, and so on. For the package, there are shrink-wrapping, blister card, brick package, industrial package, and kraft paper package. We also do customizations to maximize one’s brand needs. Quality dry cell batteries and rechargeable batteries supply Microcell factory.

Unparalleled Design to Engage Your Guest

Look no more for other designs because Microcell got you covered. Our team of talented designers come together for different projects. This sector holds a catalog that includes blood pressure monitor batteries, pulse oximeter batteries, thermometer batteries, lnfusion pump batteries, and more. Our selection holds a great number of jacket colors & styles, and packages. With our top-notch OEM team and customized skills, you will surely never go wrong.

100% Environmental Protection & Safety

Microcell battery cell manufacturer is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers by selling battery cells with 100% no leak (correct usage & storage conditions), mercury or cadmium.To meet environmental requirements in response for plastic ban within European Union market, we have adopted kraft paper packaging while SGS certification and exporting our battery cells.This ensures safety, protection of environment as well as customer satisfaction.

Meet Your Battery Application Needs

Microcell battery manufacture offers the safety of dry cell batteries and rechargeable batteries for your health and medical sector. For example blood pressure monitor batteries, pulse oximeter batteries, thermometer batteries, infusion pump batteries, etc.

thermometer battery
blood pressure monitor battery
blood glucose monitor battery
infusion pumps battery

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What They Say to Us

Lakshaman Yeluri
Lakshaman YeluriUSA
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I can honestly say that the MICROCELL battery manufacturer team are one of the most professional, customer-focused companies I have worked for in my career. They really care about their product quality and ensuring amazing experiences through out all phases of sales process. I had a great experience with them - they're such wonderful people!
Mr Basim Khan, Importer
Mr Basim Khan, ImporterUAE
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For years, we have been struggling to find a supplier of batteries that will work for us. We've tried Alibaba and other B2B marketplaces but always seem disappointed with what's on offer; there just seems so many fake suppliers out their trying too hard without any regard as though they're legitimate companies selling high quality products which is something you don't want your business partners doing! But then someone recommended MICROCELL - these guys really offered good service in helping increase our revenue over time...
Andy Hopkins, Distributor
Andy Hopkins, DistributorUK
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I am very grateful for the support that I have received from this team. When it comes to production lines and material choices, they are always there with answers on how my business can grow in an efficient manner especially locally where time is everything! They really care about helping out new businesses like myself succeed so you'll be sure not want them as one of your teammates anytime soon.
Jaeyong Koh, OEM
Jaeyong Koh, OEMKorea
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I found MICROCELL from their website. After confirming the customizable needs about customized alkaline batteries, they replied that they can do modification as requested! They were very patient to explain design of my own brand battery label & packaging for me and provided professional suggestions based on what I wanted or needed in order achieve success with extending business into other dry cell manufacture fields "I choose them because it's hard enough trying find good suppliers these days without having any room left over when its all said done"

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