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What Is the Quality Control of Dry Battery?

quality control of dry battery

Delivering the highest standards of quality and safety is our premise

Quality control is essential to ensure that dry batteries of the highest quality are consistently produced. The first is to select high-quality raw material suppliers, implement strict incoming inspections on raw materials, and control the quality of raw materials. Secondly, reliable manufacturing equipment is also very critical. Annual maintenance, regular maintenance, testing, etc. of the equipment ensure that every indicator of the equipment is within the control range. The third is the production link, to ensure that there are a group of experienced employees who have rich experience and professional knowledge to ensure that each process and each operation are qualified.

In order to ensure every process, MICROCELL BATTERY has established a series of dry battery QC engineering drawings. Under the framework of QC engineering drawings, our company strictly operates in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 standard. Control all links from the raw materials entering the factory to the final product shipment. Ensure product quality.

#1-Qc General Rules for Dry Batteries

This regulation stipulates the methods of battery raw and auxiliary materials, production process, performance testing and shipping inspection.

This regulation applies to the company’s battery raw and auxiliary materials, production process, performance testing and shipping inspection methods.

This regulation is managed and implemented by the quality inspection department.

#2-Dry Battery Qc Inspection Process

2.1 Incoming inspection process of raw and auxiliary materials

2.1.1 All raw materials should be classified into A, B, and C according to their importance. For raw and auxiliary materials of A or B, quality certification such as test reports shall be provided when necessary. The inspector of the technical inspection department shall check the appearance of the raw and auxiliary materials , Specifications, quantities, technical requirements, etc. for verification.

2.1.2 The inspector shall verify according to the inspection procedures and fill in the “raw material inspection form” or “raw material inspection and laboratory inspection form”. If an exception release is required due to urgent production and late inspection, fill in the “Urgent (Exception) Release Application Form” and submit it to the general manager for approval, and indicate on the “Requisition Form” so that the problem can be recovered in time.

2.1.3 The sampling method of raw and auxiliary materials shall be in accordance with the “Sampling Table of Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Finished Products” formulated by our company

2.2 Production process inspection process

2.2.1 After each process is completed, the operator shall conduct self-inspection in accordance with the “Process Production Operation Guide”. After the self-inspection is qualified, continuous production can be performed. Inspectors regularly inspect the workshop every shift to prevent unqualified products.

2.2.2 During the production process, the inspector shall perform the production process inspection in accordance with the requirements and sampling methods specified in this inspection regulation. The unqualified products shall be identified and evacuated immediately, and dealt with in accordance with the control procedures of the unqualified products.

2.2.3 Each process of the product must be inspected by the inspector before it can flow into the next process or enter the final inspection of the finished product. If the inspector finds repeated phenomena or serious non-conforming products during the inspection, he should report to the technical inspection department and the workshop director in time, and take corresponding corrective, preventive and improvement measures.

2.3 Semi-finished product inspection and finished product shipment inspection process

2.3.1 The storage period of semi-finished products is at least 10 days under normal conditions. Some basic inspections of semi-finished products should be completed within 10 days, including discharge testing and partial safety testing. Qualified product handling list”.

2.3.2 Finished product shipment inspection shall be inspected by the inspector of the technical inspection department according to this regulation, and fill in the “finished product shipment inspection record form”.

2.3.3 The inspection method of finished product shipment shall be strictly in accordance with the “Sampling Table of Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Finished Products” formulated by our company.

2.4 Inspection and test records

The inspection and test record should clearly show that the product has passed the inspection and test according to the regulations, and be signed by the authorized inspector.

2.5 Control of nonconforming product

When a nonconforming product is found during the inspection, it shall be implemented in accordance with the “nonconforming product control procedure” formulated by our company.

2.6 Inspection and test record keeping

Inspection and test records are kept by the Technical Quality Inspection Department.

#3-Sampling Method of Dry Battery Qc Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Finished Products

According to the “Sampling Table of Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Finished Products” formulated by our company.

#4-Inspection Method for Incoming Qc Raw and Auxiliary Materials of Dry Battery

 In accordance with the “Raw Material Inspection Regulations” for each material formulated by our company.

#5-In Accordance With the “Raw Material InspectioInspection Method of Dry Battery Qc Production Process

According to the “Instructions for Process Inspection Operations” formulated by our company.

#6-Dry Battery Qc Semi-finished Product Testing Methods and Requirements

In accordance with the “Battery Testing Operating Instructions” formulated by our company.

#7-Dry Battery Qc Finished Product Shipment Inspection Method

In accordance with the “Instructions for Finished Product Shipment Inspection Work” formulated by our company.

#8-Qc References for Dry Cell Batteries

“Quality Manual” 8.2.4 Product monitoring and measurement.

8.3 “Non-conforming Product Control Procedure”.

#9-Dry Battery Qc Record

Raw material inspection form

Production process inspection records

Semi-finished product inspection record

Finished product shipment inspection record

Non-conforming product control record

Battery test record

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