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What Are the Best-Selling Packaging Methods for Dry Batteries?


As a disposable dry battery, there are generally industrial, economic, blister card, plastic box, gift box, etc. I will elaborate on different aspects, and I hope it will be helpful for you to import batteries.

#1-Industrial Supporting Packaging for Dry Batteries:

supporting pack

Industrial supporting packaging is generally mainly used for some factories. For example, alkaline AA batteries are generally used by remote control manufacturers, toy manufacturers, flashlight manufacturers, or emergency engineering. This is packed in the product, and the packaging needs to be simple and strong. Usually, the battery is directly put into a large carton, and then an outer carton can be put on the outside.

#2-Economical Packaging Models for Dry Batteries:

economical pack

Economical packaging generally appears in USD1.00 stores, or used when promotions are discounted. The packaging is simple, usually 8, 10, 12 into one set, etc. use a PVC or PET, or the more environmentally friendly PLA to shrink the batteries. This kind of packaging method is simple and low cost, but if it is sold in the supermarket, it is difficult to sell at a good price. Consumers will think that the batteries in this kind of packaging are low-end products. Generally, it only appears in promotions or in some shops that specialize in selling cheap products.

#3-Blister Card Packaging for Dry Batteries:

card pack

This kind of packaging is our most common and one of the most sold packaging methods in supermarkets. Blister card packaging, commonly used 2 batteries, a blister card, 4 batteries, a blister card, in addition, there are 8 batteries, 12 batteries, 24 batteries and a blister card. Blister cards are divided into single plastic blister blister and double plastic blister blister. The cost of double plastic blister blister is generally double that of single plastic blister. Blister cards can be printed with a lot of questions and exquisite patterns, which can better display the products, and of course they can also be sold at a good price.

#4-There Are Also Plastic Box and Gift Box

plastic box

These two packaging methods generally appear in large stores. A plastic box or gift box can be filled with different types of batteries. Generally, different types of batteries are mixed together. This is also convenient for consumers to purchase at a time.

Our company MICROCLL INTERNATIONAL BATTERY CO.,LTD has a variety of packaging machines. We can provide you with a variety of packaging methods. We can also design and produce some special packaging according to your requirements.

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