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MICROCELL batteries are serious about your security, and that’s why they’re the only kind you need. With a full suite of services to back it up – from conception all way around shipping (including international), we’ve got coverage for every aspect!

With our one-stop shop services, we offer flexible shipping ways. We are committed to support you through each phase of the process from initial design all the way up until after sales service which were established by Best MICROCELL – so that quality feedback can occur seamlessly for both parties involved!

Table Of Contents For Our Services

We’ve prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure that we can find what you’re looking for, simply click in one of the box/directory and it will jump right over there!

Quality Control

Our team of experts inspects all batteries to make sure them meet our high standards before shipping them out.

20'rs Experience

We have 20 years of experience to help you become a leader in your country. -We are leaders that will get things done


To support customers who have a low minimum order quantity, we're happy to work with them on their demands.

Eco-friendly Packaging

The Eco-friendly packaging of batteries we have designed for the European Union will no longer contravene any Plastic ban.

OEM Available

With a customized and value added service, we offer our customers a one-of-a kind experience.

One-stop Solution

It's a one stop solution to all your problems. You won't have to worry about anything because it's all been taken care of for you.

Split Shipment

We offer a split shipment service for our customers to help them reduce storage costs.

After-sale Service

We're available 24/7 for you and we'll take care of everything. You don't have to worry about what happens next.

QA engineers

Battery Quality Control for Wholesalers

Microcell battery inspection
  • The MICROCELL Battery professional team has a rock-solid commitment to quality. We don’t just inspect our battery cells before they leave our factory, we do it all along the way — from procedure and labeling to packaging design right through testing when you get your hands on one!
  • The batteries you sell are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Your customers know they’re getting a great product when your company’s name is on it, and that makes them trust you even more!
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Wholesale Low MOQ Batteries

  • The best way to make your business grow is by working with a battery company like ours. We work closely and support not only big customers but also small or medium-sized firms who want quality goods at fair prices!
  • You’ll be able to test the market without spending too much, and if it isn’t successful there’s nothing lost but your time!
  • The low MOQ means that you can get started for a lower price. You’ll be able to test the market without spending too much before investing in large quantities of inventory and risk-taking on production runs with orders coming from different countries around the world! 

OEM - Custom Options for Your Battery Jacket & Packaging

Jacket Customization

MICROCELL Battery provides an array of battery jackets that you can customize to meet your every need. You're able to create custom colors and logos as well, with our natural labels service giving an even higher level creativity!

  • company logo
  • battery jacket color & style
  • custom what you want
battery label design

Packaging Customization

There are lots of different battery packaging ways that you can custom, for example, blister card package, brick package, plastic package, kraft paper package, inner box & outer box.

  • blister card package
  • brick package
  • plastic package
  • kraft paper package
  • inner box & outer box
Container ship

Split Shipment is a Great Way for Distributors

  • As a battery manufacturer, we support split shipment that can help our distributors save on shipping costs, get more for less. Stay in control of your budget with this great way to ship some goods!
  • If you’re a distributor and want to ship products on different days, contact us for “Split Shipment for Distributors”. It makes it easy to control the shipping of your orders and lets you manage shipment volumes without compromising on speed or cost.
battery split shipping
6battery shipping
battery shipping

Reliable, Professional, and a Battery Supplier
That You Can Always Count On

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  • MICROCELL Battery has 20 years of experience. For example, we know that we can help you to setup your battery factory and also provide some training for your workers.
  • If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise or newcomer in the battery industry, we have professional engineers and teams that can guide your whole process from raw material purchase to official production.

Eco-friendly Packaging for EU Customers
— Replace Plastic Packaging

Microcell R&D Latest Research:

  • We closely study battery Eco-friendly packaging to replace the plastic package, which helps you respond to the Plastic Bag Ban!
  • Certain types of single-use plastics are banned from July 2021. The prohibition is following the requirement of the Directive (EU) 2019/904, also known as the Single-use Plastic Directive.
  • In some countries in the EU, such as the UK, France, Austria, Italy, and Spain have also been enforced or will enforce reducing or prohibiting the use of specific single-use plastic products: PVC, PET, and etc.
kraft paper packaging

MICROCELL is a One-Stop Solution for All of Your Battery Needs

  • Our One-Stop Solution contains pre-sale, middle-sales and after-sale services.
  • We provide pre-sale service for the first time of cooperation target market, product development, design and production planning. We do our best to give full support on it. In middle-sales phase we will continue to offer the right solution that suits.
  • The MICROCELL battery manufacturer has a one-stop solution for all your problems. You’ll be able to get everything done in less time and without worrying about anything because they’ve taken care of it!
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battery inspection
battery shipping
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MICROCELL Battery Factory After-Sale Service for Wholesalers

after saleservice
  • Since professional manufacturers, we have a variety of quality batteries for your selection. We also provide the battery factory after-sale service for wholesalers at competitive prices.
  • You depend on us to make sure things go smoothly, and we’ll take care of anything that happens in the process. You can always count on our team for help when needed – 24 hours a day 7 days per week!
  • You don’t have to worry about what happens next. We’re the best at after-sale service and we’ll take care of everything, so feel more secure knowing that there’s always someone available for you when needed!

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