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What Is the 1.5V Sliver Oxide Battery?

The 1.5V silver oxide battery, also known as the silver-zinc battery or zinc-silver oxide battery, is a battery with silver oxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode and alkaline solution as the electrolyte. It has the advantages of smooth discharge and a high energy to weight ratio, but because of the high cost of silver, it is generally used as a button battery or in specific applications where it is more demanding and can afford the high cost, such as hearing aids

Silver oxide batteries have a very smooth discharge voltage curve. However, with an operating voltage of 1.5V, silver oxide batteries are an important source of power for hearing aids and electric meters. The positive electrode (cathode) is a depolarised oxide of silver oxide and manganese dioxide, the composition of the mixture varying according to the application; the negative electrode is zinc. Silver oxide batteries used in hearing aids (which require a low drain current and a long service life) have a strongly alkaline potassium hydroxide electrolyte to enhance their energy density, while silver oxide batteries used in electronic meters (which have a very low drain current and a very long service life) have a more stable sodium hydroxide electrolyte.

Common silver oxide battery types generally begin with SR, a standard code developed by the IEC, where S is for silver oxide and R is for round (including cylinder). The main types of 1.5V silver oxide batteries include SR62, SR63, SR65, SR64, SR60, SR67, SR66, SR58, SR68, SR59, SR69, SR41, SR57, SR55, SR48, SR54, SR42, SR43, SR44

1.5v sliver oxide battery

What Are the Characteristics of Silver Oxide Batteries?

Silver oxide batteries have a higher voltage, with a nominal voltage of 1.55v, which is higher than the 1.5v of alkaline batteries and the 1.35v of mercury batteries, and a flat voltage curve against discharge time, meaning that the voltage can be maintained at approximately the same level over time. This is in contrast to alkaline batteries, where the voltage drops gradually as the charge decreases.

The chemical reaction is as follows.


The reactions at the positive and negative electrodes are respectively

Positive electrode: Ag2O + H2O + 2e- → 2Ag + 2OH-

Negative: Zn + 2OH- → ZnO + H2O + 2e-

What Are the Main Uses of Silver Oxide Batteries?

Main uses: toys, torches, quartz watches, electronic clocks, watch movements, electronic gifts, electronic calendars, ear aids, calculators, instruments. Medical apparatus, flashing lights, anti-theft devices, electronic toys, small electronic gifts, cameras small electronic devices, etc..

We would like to share with you some of the internationally renowned manufacturers of 1.5v silver oxide batteries:Sony,Panasonic,Energizer (Rayovac),Maxell,Toshiba,Varta Microbattery,Duracell,Renata Batteries,Seiko,Kodak,GP Batteries

Silver Oxide Battery Transport Precautions?

silver oxide battery transport precautions

Silver Oxide Button Batteries are considered to be “dry cell” batteries and are unregulated for purposes of transportation by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), International Civil Aviation Administration (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The only requirement for shipping these batteries by DOT is Special Provision 130 which states: “Batteries, dry are not subject to the requirements of this subchapter only when they are offered for transportation in a manner that prevents the dangerous evolution of heat (for example, by the effective insulation of exposed terminals). The requirements for shipping of theses batteries by ICAO and IATA is Special Provision A123 which states: “A battery or battery powered device having the potential of dangerous evolutions of heat that is not prepared so as to prevent a short-circuit (e.g. in the case of batteries, by the effective insulation of exposed terminals; or in the case of equipment, by disconnection of the battery and protection of exposed terminals) is forbidden from transportation. In addition, in the case of air transportation of batteries which is conformed to this requirement, the information “Not restricted, as per Special Provision A123” shall be noted in certain column of “Substances” of air waybill.” Battery should comply above requirements because of implementation of applicable packaging preventing outer short-circuit by applying effective packing and obeying of waybill notation Silver Oxide Button Battery 5/5 requirement.

Silver Oxide Batteries vs Alkaline Batteries?

LR is an alkaline zinc-manganese button cell, SR is a silver oxide button cell, SR discharge stability is better than LR, the voltage is also a little higher (1.55V), if it is a high-precision instrument, with SR can, if the general electronic watch, the difference between the two is not big.

Silver oxide batteries use chemically very stable manganese dioxide as the positive electrode material and lithium metal with very high specific energy as the negative electrode material. The average annual capacity reduction is no more than 2% and the storage life is long.

Silver oxide batteries are semi-sealed and safe to use. They can be used in a wide temperature range from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.

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