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What Kind of Battery Is the Best Battery?

the best battery

Often we ask what kind of battery is the best battery? As a battery manufacturer, I combined with the commonly used electrical appliances in the market, combined with IEC60086-1, IEC60086-2 and IEC60086-5 simulation tests on the commonly used electrical appliances in the market to analyze, what kind of battery is the best battery? Simply put, there is no best battery, only the most suitable battery, the most economical battery? How to better find a battery that matches your own battery?I analyze it in 2 aspects:

#1-Procurement From Electrical Appliance Factories to Analyze

electrical appliance factories

In many factories, the products produced by the company need to be equipped with batteries when they leave the factory, such as remote control factories, flashlight factories, electric toy factories, sex toys factories and so on. Generally speaking, as a factory, it has its own engineers. When engineers develop products, it would be bettery if they could know the characteristics of the dry batteries currently on the market in advance. The following is IEC60086-2, the standard for the simulation test of different electrical appliances in the market. As a R&D engineer, you can refer to the test standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission for disposable dry batteries to develop your electrical appliances, and test different electrical appliances through this standard. , matching the cost-effective battery for your electrical appliances.

Battery typeApplicationLoadDaily periodEV (V)
LR03 Portable lighting5.1Ω4 min on, 56 min off for 8h/d0.9
Digital audio50mA1h on,11h off for 24h/d0.9
Remote control24Ω15s/min,8h/d1.0
LR6 High drain application1 500 mW  650 mWb1.05
Portable Lighting (LED)3.9 Ω4 min on, 56 min off for 8h/d0.9
Toy, non-motorized250 mA1h/d0.9
CD, digital audio, wireless gaming and accessories100 mA1h/d0.9
Radio/Clock/Remote control50 mA1h/8h, 24/d1.0
LR14Toy3.9 Ω1h/d0.8
Portable lighting3.9 Ω4 min on, 11 min off for 8h/d0.9
Portable stereoCurrent drain 400 mA2h/d0.9
LR20Portable lighting2.2 Ω4 min on, 11 min off for 8h/d0.9
Toy2.2 Ω1h/d0.8
Portable stereoCurrent drain 600 mA2 h /d0.9
6LR61Toy270 Ω1h/d5.4
Clock radio620 Ω2h/d5.4
Smoke detectorBackgroud: 10kΩ ,
Pulse:0.62 kΩ
1 s on, 3 599 s off for 24 h/d7.5
R03 Portable lighting5.1Ω4 min on, 56 min off for 8h/d0.9
Toy5.1Ω1 h/d0.8
Digital audio50 mA1 h on,11h off for 24h/d0.9
Remote control24 Ω15 s/min,8h/d1.0
Radio75 Ω4 h/d0.9
R6 Portable lighting (LED)3.9 Ω4 min/h,8h/d0.9
Motor/Toy3.9 Ω1 h/d discharge0.8
CD, digital audio, wireless gaming and accessories100 mA1 h/d discharge0.9
Radio/Clock/Remote control50mA1 h/8h, 24h/d discharge1.0

#2-From the Perspective of Ordinary Consumers:

dinary consumers

As an ordinary consumer, it is relatively simple, because as an ordinary consumer, we do not have professional testing tools, nor professional testing equipment, and there is no way to test the specific discharge time of the battery when we buy a battery. So how to choose? We have to refer to 2 points. First, what type of battery is matched when purchasing an electrical appliance, whichever battery is purchased. Generally, an electrical appliance will be equipped with a suitable battery when it leaves the factory. Second, look at the working current and resistance of the electrical appliances. If the working current is greater than 250mAh, you should choose an alkaline battery. Alkaline batteries are more suitable. Alkaline batteries are suitable for high current discharge. If the current working with the battery is relatively small, you can choose a carbon-zinc battery.

Our company MICROCELL INTERNATIONAL BATTERY CO.,LTD has professional engineers and R&D teams. We can develop different batteries according to different electrical appliances, and can customize various types of batteries. If you have any needs, please contact us. If you have any questions, please pay attention to my blog to communicate discuss.

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Carl Zhang

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