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What Are the Characteristics of Alkaline Batteries?


#1-What are the structural and performance characteristics of alkaline batteries?

Alkaline zinc-manganese dry cell (referred to as alkaline battery) adopts the opposite electrode structure of ordinary zinc-manganese battery, increases the relative area between positive and negative electrodes, adopts high conductivity alkaline electrolyte, and adopts high energy electrode materials for positive and negative electrodes, therefore, the capacity and discharge time of alkaline manganese battery is 3 to 7 times of the same type of ordinary battery, and the difference between the two is greater in low temperature performance, alkaline manganese battery is more resistant to low temperature, and more suitable for high current discharge and for applications requiring a more stable working voltage.

#2-What Are the Advantages of Alkaline Batteries?

Mercury and cadmium free, friendly to the environment.

The use of ultra-thin steel case technology increases the internal capacity of the battery, thus increasing the power capacity.

The use of manganese ring secondary re-pressing and carbon coating technology on the inner wall of the steel case reduces the internal resistance of the battery and improves its high current discharge performance.

The use of ultra-fine fibre diaphragm with high density, which can effectively extend the storage period of the battery.

The sealed rubber plug is set with a safety explosion-proof structure to prevent the battery from possible battery explosion due to improper use.

#3-Alkaline Batteries Electrical Performance Characteristics?

The number of flashes, camera rolls and toy opening times of alkaline zinc-manganese batteries used in flash lamps are 7 times, 4 times and 3.5 times higher than those of carbon batteries respectively. Alkaline zinc-manganese batteries are therefore ideal for electrical appliances with high current output.

#4-What Need to Pay Attention to Using Alkaline Batteries?

  • Check that electrical appliances and battery contact parts are clean, wipe them with a damp cloth if necessary, and load them according to the correct polarity after they have dried.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries, and do not mix batteries of the same type but of different types.
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