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What devices do button cell batteries work in?

As their name implies these batteries are designed to power relatively smaller devices. The most commonly used lithium cell that is also called “Lithium coin” is CR2032 having a 20mm diameter and 3.2mm height and the other lithium cell is CR2025 having a 20mm diameter and 2.5mm height. These are small coin-shaped batteries used to charge any device that needs a supply of up to 3V like wristwatches, calculators, car central locking remotes, car speaker remotes hearing aid, blood pressure meter, etc.

All those devices that require a supply up to 3V use lithium button cell batteries. These all are relatively small devices than the ones in which lithium-ion batteries are used like mobiles and laptops. One of the limitations in these batteries is that it is not reusable i.e. it becomes invaluable once its charge goes off.

It is also low current drawing which is the reason it is used in small devices that require low supply. It requires a special holder for the cell to be fixed in. In some of the devices that have the rechargeable variant of coin cells, they are fitted to the holder for permanent connection with solder tags. The devices using non-rechargeable variants of coin cells must have a holder and it should be as per the shape and size of the device using that cell.

These cells being too small require safety measures also as they attract children so they must be kept away from their reach because if these cells are swallowed, they can react with body fluids and can even burn body tissues.

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