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What Is the AA Alkaline Battery Capacity?

As one consumer, when you buy batteries, or when you use batteries, you may often encounter some questions:

  • What Is the Capacity of Alkaline AA Battery?
  • How Long It Lasts?
  • How Many Mah Is a Duracell AA Battery?
  • How Do I Check the Capacity of My AA Battery?
  • How Many Mah Is an Energizer AA?
  • What Is the Mah of Eveready AA Battery?
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#1 – What Is the Mah?

MAH is a capacity unit, and the capacity rating refers to the storage capacity available for a particular battery. For example, a battery with a rated capacity of 1800 mAh can provide 18 mA for 100 hours.

For the same battery type, a higher mAh rating usually means a longer running time. When comparing different types of batteries, they must be compared under the same discharge conditions, otherwise, there is no comparability.

#2 – What Is the Difference Between Nimh AA Battery and Alkaline AA Battery on Mah?

Usually, we see NiMh AA batteries in supermarkets or stores, the aa capacity shown on the battery is from 1200mAh to 2500mAh, this value refers to the standard charge and discharge capacity. For example, 2500mAh NiMH AA battery means under the 0.2C, standard charge /discharge to 1.0V, the capacity is 2500mAh,

However, it is rarely seen that alkaline AA battery’s capacity is shown on the battery. Because alkaline AA batteries are disposable batteries and there is no charging process. Its reaction principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. In the standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission, there is no description of capacity, only discharge time shown under different discharge conditions.

Ni-MH batteries are rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are generally suitable for high-power discharge electrical appliances. When used on high-power electrical appliances, the capacity can be almost completely consumed, so the working time of the battery can generally be seen from the capacity.

However, alkaline batteries are rarely seen with marked capacity. Alkaline batteries are disposable batteries and are not suitable for high-power electrical appliances. Alkaline batteries can maximize their capacity only by slowly discharging them on low-power electrical appliances, otherwise a large part of the capacity cannot be released. When placed in different electrical appliances, alkaline batteries cannot reflect the working time of the battery with the capacity value.

For example, let’s make a comparison. A 2500mAh Ni-MH AA battery and a 2500mAh alkaline battery are used in the same electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush is used as a high-power electrical appliance, and its use time. Ni-MH AA battery must be higher than alkaline Sex AA battery, and much higher.

#3 – Alkaline AA Battery Has Different Mah Under Different Discharge Condition.

Please Refer to the Below Data From Micropower Brand Alkaline AA Battery.

  • 2250mAh, under 3.9ohm, 1h/h, discharge to 0.8V
  • 1900mAh, under 3.9ohm, 24h/h, discharge to 0.9V
  • 2350mAh, under 10ohm, 1h/h, discharge to 0.9V
  • 3150mAh, under 24ohm, 25s/m,8h/h, discharge to 1.0V
  • 2600mAh, under 43ohm, 4h/h, discharge to 0.9V
  • 650mAh, under 50 mA, 1h/8h,24h/d, discharge to 1.0V
  • 2350mAh, under 100 mA, 1h/d, discharge to 0.9V
  • 2000mAh, under 250 mA, 1h/d, discharge to 0.9V

Usually the Energizer MAX Alkaline AA Batteries, shows 1150 mAh on its battery label.

Duracell alkaline AA battery data sheet: 10 hours at 200mA to 1.0V per cell (0.2 X10 =2) 2AH (2000mAh)

#4 – In Addition To Paying Attention to Capacity When Buying Batteries, What Should We Pay Attention To?

When we buy rechargeable batteries, we can refer to the capacity unit, but when we buy alkaline batteries, we can’t look at the capacity. It depends on the needs of our own electrical appliances. If it is a high-power electrical appliance, it is recommended to use nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

Alkaline batteries are on the outer packaging. You can’t see the capacity, but you usually see plus alkaline, ultra alkaline, and so on. These modified descriptions mean that this battery can last longer than ordinary alkaline batteries. Of course, the price will be higher.

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