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What Is the LR44 Battery?

lr44 battery

LR44 battery is button cell, also called AG13(HK), V303(Germany),EW32(RAY-VAC) and LR1154(Japan)

The LR44 battery is an Alkaline Zinc Manganese button cell battery. The LR44 battery is typically a 1.5 Volt with an operating temperature ranging from 0°C- 60°C, while optimal temperature is 20°C.

The LR44 battery can be utilized in many devices such as watches, motherboards, and a variety of medical devices like thermometers. There are other batteries that are similar to the LR44 battery but are different in composition chemistry. The LR44 battery is identical in size, but different in chemistry to silver oxide button cells such as SR44, SR44SW, 303, 357. Although batteries can fit into each other’s devices fairly easily, it is important to choose the recommended battery type for your device to avoid over/under discharge.Please be sure to double check the size and voltage of the battery you need, to avoid any issues that can damage your device. 

#1-What Is the Internal Structure of the LR44 Battery?

diagram of the alkaline button battery 1

#2-How to Put the LR44 Battery in Your Device?

put the lr44 battery in your device

First identify the positive and negative ends of the battery. On a typical Alkaline LR44 battery, the flat side (possibly with markings) will usually be the positive side. On the opposite side, a small circular protrusion should be visible. The side is typically the negative end. Now that you have determined the positive and negative ends of the battery, you can easily align it with corresponding markings on your device. Please note that some devices have small metallic tabs for battery retention and function. For the best results, always consult the owner’s manual of your device to determine the exact battery that is required. 

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