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What is the Tips for Proper Battery Care and Use?

  • Always use the correct size and type of battery specified by the device manufacturer.

  • Keep battery contact surfaces and battery compartment contacts clean by rubbing them with a clean pencil eraser or a rough cloth each time you replace batteries.

  • Remove batteries from a device when it is not expected to be in use for several months and while it is being powered by household (AC) current.

  • Make sure that you insert batteries into your device properly, with the + (plus) and – (minus) terminals aligned correctly. CAUTION: Some equipment using more than three batteries may appear to work properly even if one battery is inserted incorrectly.

  • Extreme temperatures reduce battery performance. Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature. Do not refrigerate batteries as this will not make them last longer, and avoid putting battery-powered devices in very warm places.

  • Do not attempt to recharge a battery unless the battery specifically is marked “rechargeable.”

  • Some depleted batteries and batteries that are exposed to extremely high temperatures may leak. A crystalline structure may begin to form on the outside of the battery. If found leaked batteries, please remove them from your appliances in time and change new ones.

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Carl Zhang

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