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Why Is the Battery Life Short and Dead?

Short and Dead

The short battery usage time is mainly manifested in the same electrical appliance. According to the previous usage experience, the user feels that the usage time is shorter than before.

Under the premise of normal use (for example, the model is correct, there is no mixed use of old and new, and no reverse installation), there are four main reasons for the short battery life:

1. The power consumption of the electrical appliance is abnormal, and the working current of the electrical appliance is very large, which causes the battery power to be quickly consumed. At this time, we must check the working current of the electrical appliance. If it is working with high current, you need to choose a high-power battery. First, you must choose to use lithium batteries, and then use alkaline batteries, not carbon batteries.

2. The cut-off voltage of electrical appliances is set too high: the cut-off voltage of some electrical appliances is set too high, resulting in short use time, and the actual remaining battery capacity is still a lot. For example, when our alkaline batteries are used up on the electric toothbrush, the remote control can still be used The performance of the electric toothbrush is the same, the cut-off voltage of the electric toothbrush is set too high, and the battery has a lot of electricity left, which can still be used on electrical appliances with low cut-off voltage.

3. Poor battery contact: Sometimes the physical contact is not in place, and there will be a misjudgment of “no power”. This situation is related to the design and processing size of the battery compartment of the electrical appliance. The battery cannot be connected to electricity. Of course, there is no way. At this time, you need to put the battery on another device and try to determine whether it is the problem of the electrical appliance or the battery.

4. The battery storage time is too long and the storage temperature is high, which will directly affect the battery life or no electricity, so we need to put the battery in a cool and ventilated place. For batteries that have been stored for a long time, it is best to measure the voltage before use. Batteries with a voltage drop of more than 20% cannot be used on high-power electrical appliances.

  • Special batteries must be used for special electrical appliances. A special battery is a product designed for a certain type of appliance. Using a special battery can play the role of electrical appliances quite well to provide services. Therefore, for special electrical appliances, special batteries must be selected. For example, the microphone is dedicated to rechargeable lithium batteries. It is better to use lithium batteries than alkaline batteries for microphones.

Our Micropower alkaline batteries belong to high-power batteries, which are very suitable for high-power electrical appliances. More customers are welcome to come to our company for inspection and consultation, and we also look forward to becoming your reliable partner.

Carl Zhang

Carl Zhang

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