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Will Alkaline Batteries Burn Toys?


Alkaline batteries will not burn the toy, I will do a simple analysis from the battery voltage, current, and the toy itself, I hope you have an authoritative understanding and reduce misunderstandings.

#1-Will the Excessive Voltage of the Alkaline Battery Damage the Toy?

Answer: No damage to the toy.
The nominal voltage of alkaline zinc-manganese batteries is 1.5V. According to the requirements of IEC60086-2, the maximum open circuit voltage of alkaline batteries is 1.68V. The actual open circuit voltage of new batteries is generally below 1.65V.

The rated working voltage of electrical appliances (toys) using AA batteries is a multiple of 1.5V (depending on the number of batteries used), such as 1.5V, 3V, and 4.5V. The maximum voltage that normal electrical appliances can withstand is about 10% higher than the rated voltage, that is to say, the rated voltage of electrical appliances using two batteries is 3V, and the actual withstand voltage can reach about 3.3V.

When the battery is used in the toy, the output voltage of the battery will drop below 1.6V, and its output voltage is within the normal working voltage range of the toy. Therefore, there is no problem of damage to the toy due to the high battery voltage when the toy uses an alkaline battery.

#2-Will the Excessive Current of the Alkaline Battery Damage the Toy?

From a scientific point of view, according to Ohm’s law, current = voltage/resistance (I=U/R+r), the working resistance of the toy will obviously not change due to the nature of the battery. Therefore, under the same working voltage of the battery, the toy’s The working current is the same. Usually alkaline batteries, such as LR6/AA batteries, the instantaneous short-circuit current of the new battery will not exceed 20A, which is relatively small current, so there is no problem that the alkaline battery current is too large to burn the toy.

#3-Will the Inferior Toys Themselves Have Problems Due to Alkaline Batteries?

There are some inferior toys on the market, and inferior toys cut corners, often the circuit design is simple, the use of components is reduced, and even inferior components are used.

For example, a light bulb uses inferior filament in order to save costs, and it burns out in a short time. Just like the inferior light bulbs, those inferior toys that do not meet the standard have the risk of being burned out by using alkaline batteries. This is the problem of the quality of the toy itself not meeting the standard, not caused by the use of alkaline batteries.

To sum up, both from the scientific principle and from the test results, the regular toys that meet the corresponding international standards can completely use alkaline batteries, and the statement that the toys cannot use alkaline batteries is completely irresponsible for inferior toy manufacturers. rumor. Regular toy manufacturers have ISO system certification, and these toys will not be damaged by using alkaline batteries.

The Micropower brand alkaline batteries produced by our company are strictly in accordance with the IEC60086 standard, and the quality of our alkaline batteries is higher than the IEC60086 standard. Welcome more partners to visit our company and import our batteries.

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